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Improve your wedding marketing game with wedding planner brochures

Struggling with ideas for your wedding planning business? Incorporate wedding planner brochures and get things done the right way!

A wedding planner brochure is a great marketing tool that can be used to promote the services you offer for a wedding. While many people consider a wedding planner brochure as just a piece of paper with some irrelevant text on it, the truth is that it is an effective marketing tool with lots of potential. 

Although a wedding planner brochure is mainly used by wedding planners, this marketing opportunity can also be utilized by wedding photographers or any brands or organizations connected with the wedding preparation process. 

Thus, considering the importance of a wedding planner brochure, it is essential to know how to create one that provides you with positive results. This blog post will therefore cover some examples and some of the most beautiful wedding planner brochure templates available on PosterMyWall, to provide you with a complete packet of information on designing your wedding planner brochure.  

Providing more value and information 

Wedding brochures are extremely useful for venues that hold wedding ceremonies. They give you an extra space that allows you to add more information about your place and the services you offer. They can be used as added value for couples searching for that information. Moreover, they can be sent through whenever an inquiry is made so people who really want to book can easily find out more about you. 

The details you could include in your wedding planner brochure could be the different spaces you have available for the events and their capacity. This would help you eliminate unqualified inquiries like a couple who wants a 250-guest wedding when your place can only accommodate 120. 


Planning a wedding is inherently social. Family and friends are part of the decision-making process for things like food and beverages, guest list, color scheme, and perhaps most importantly, the venue. The wedding brochure then serves as a talking piece for the couple’s conversations with others. Thus, you can design your wedding venue brochures using templates on PosterMyWall. This will help the wedding couple portray you easily to their fellows, hence assisting the decision making. 

Wedding brochures can increase inquiries

Your wedding brochure could help you increase the number of inquiries coming through your website or storefront. Providing an extra bit of information that is not already available anywhere else is a great way to get results from your leads. 

To know the information to be included in your wedding brochure design, figure out what questions the couples ask while enquiring. Make sure to answer those questions to an extent, while also persuading them to enquire and have an additional conversation with you. 

You can customize the above wedding brochures to attract customers and increase your inquiries. Include relevant information in this brochure, give a clear call to action, distribute and watch as customer queries roll in. 

Keep the anticipation and excitement of covering the event top of mind

Couples will likely consider at least a few other vendors, and all those photographs can blend in their heads. Your wedding photography brochure should be able to remind the bride of a beautiful photo she might have admired sometime. Your brochure can be the focal point for the bride’s excitement about you covering her huge day. 

People put a value on photographs, as they are the only way they can relive the moment. Your brochure is representing you, thus it has the power to turn leads into your customers. Make sure to put your best effort while you design your wedding photography brochure. We recommend you try wedding photography brochure templates on PosterMyWall to design your brochure, as they can attract couples and make them choose you. 

What to include in a wedding planner?

The main purpose of a wedding planner brochure is to make your potential clients understand the services your business offers. The information about your business, your team, and the services you offer, all should be included in your wedding planner brochure. You can also include offerings and pricing, but it is better to discuss these things once a client approaches you. 

A brochure is incomplete without a clear call to action. Thus, always make sure to include your company’s contact information. A short description of the services you offer including some testimonials from past clients is an easy way to win a client. 

This wedding planner brochure from Celebrity Weddings is a perfect example of what your brochure should look like. Try out using wedding brochure templates from PosterMyWall and design a perfect wedding planner brochure for your business. 

Start designing and printing

To sum up, think about the things you want your brochure to say, include those details, give a clear call to action and let the couple get in touch with you.

All in all, regardless of the services you provide, a wedding planner brochure is one of the most essential elements for a business to prosper in the wedding planning industry. Design a wedding planner brochure now and turn your leads into clients in no time.