6 Brand Kit templates to inspire your seasonal marketing

Looking for ways to add a spin on your seasonal marketing? Check out these Halloween, 4th of July, and Christmas Brand Kit templates for a dose of inspiration.

Note: This feature is only available on the Premium Plus subscription.

Brand kits are the perfect marketing tool to visualize all your brand elements in one place. This way you can see whether everything flows together seamlessly to convey your brand’s essence. If you are looking to create one for your business, you’re in luck: with PosterMyWall’s latest feature, Brand Kits, you can create appealing, professional brand kit templates in no time.

Brand Kits can range from social media branding kits, to brand kits meant to be used in physical advertising designs. No matter what use you put them to, they are an essential tool for any company or business.

Seasonal marketing makes for a great fit for Brand Kits. That’s because seasonal marketing is all about stirring up within your customers a strong mix of emotions that they may associate to a past season, e.g. nostalgia. And what better way to do that than with powerful visual imagery?

If you get the blend of colors, imagery, and fonts just right in your Brand Kit, you’ll be able to tap into your customers’ emotional associations with each season. Just like magic! This requires a strong understanding of which colors and visuals are associated with each season.

To help you get started, here’s how to make a branding kit using Brand Kits.

How to create your Brand Kit

To create a Brand Kit on PosterMyWall, go to the My Stuff page. In the left menu, you will find ‘Brand Kits’ right below ‘Team’. Click that, then click the ‘New Brand Kit’ button on the top right of the Brand Kits page. Enter the Brand Kit name and get started. 

Brand Kits are divided into 3 sections, ‘brand logos’, ‘brand colors’ and ‘brand fonts’. 

Brand logos

Click the ‘upload a logo’ button to add your logo and any other branded images you wish to add. You can upload your logo and images from the ‘My Photos’ menu.

You can add your Brand Kit photos via the ‘Add from my photos’ option under ‘Photo’ in the PosterMyWall editor.

Brand colors

Time to add a splash of color! Use the color palette to select your brand colors, or simply enter the color hex for the exact shade you want to use. Add one primary color, which will be the dominant color in your brand, one secondary, and as many other colors as you wish.

You can use branded colors in a variety of ways, such as in color selections for backgrounds, text, clipart, images, among other items.

Brand colors are available right below the color picker in the color options for your graphics. 

Here’s a detailed article on how to add brand colors to your Brand Kit.

Brand fonts

Wrap your Brand Kit up by adding your branded fonts. You can add a number of fonts to suit your needs.

Click the ‘new font’ button to open the font selection menu. Select a font to set as your branded font. You also have the option to upload custom fonts. Next, select a suitable font color. Click ‘Add new font’ to save your branded font.

Now you can use your branded fonts in the PosterMyWall editor wherever you can add and edit plain text. You can find brand fonts in the PosterMyWall editor via the ‘Plain text’ option, or any other tool that uses plain text. Instead of you having to browse the font list, your brand fonts are available at the top of the font list.

Themed Brand Kits

Those were the basics of creating a generic Brand Kit. But now it’s time to discuss something more exciting: how to design your seasonal Brand Kit.

As mentioned earlier, seasonal brand kits are highly effective at attracting customers by tapping into their associations with certain seasons. This is not all. Creating a seasonal company branding kit also highlights your brand’s spirit of participation in the season’s festivities. Everybody likes a team player.

Here are some fun Brand Kit templates to show you how to create seasonal Brand Kits for these popular seasonal events – Halloween, 4th of July, and Christmas.

1. Halloween

Get into the mind of your customer. What comes to mind when they think of “Halloween”?

Pumpkin-flavored food items, hot beverages, candles, sweaters, scarves, candy, trick-or-treating, and a general feeling of warmth and coziness against the late October chill are all associations that come to mind. Now, how do you condense all this into a single cohesive vision and express it in a unified Brand Kit?

The Brand Kit examples below might help you get a sense of how the job is done.

This color palette uses rustic fall colors that correspond to the elements of Halloween we mentioned above.

The orange shade recalls pumpkins and pumpkin-flavored items, whereas the brown shades bring to mind leaves turning brown in the fall, dry fruit, and the comforting aroma of coffee. The cream shades immediately hint to a sense of comfort through cashmere sweaters and warm woolen throws slung over living-room sofas. This fall color palette exudes comfort and nostalgia.

Here we have inputted the colors from the palette into PosterMyWall’s Brand Kits feature. The branded imagery is a cozy fall visual that is in line with the color scheme.

The fonts selected also utilize colors from the palette, to bring about a sense of cohesion in the final product. 

Here’s what the Brand Kit template looks like all put together. The colors, fonts, and imagery complement each other perfectly, creating a harmony that all but screams Halloween. And that’s how you create magic with Brand Kits.

This is another example of a similar color palette. Note that shades of brown are predominant when it comes to Halloween visuals.

2. 4th of July

Independence Day is marked by celebration and a sense of elated freedom. Unlike the concrete sights and smells of Halloween, this is a little trickier to visualize in a way that speaks to a majority of people.

Two common routes taken to get around this are to emulate the red, white, and blue of the U.S. flag, and to evoke sky, balloon, and firework imagery.

This color palette manages to bring together both two elements. Not only is it predominantly blue and red, but it also works with neon-toned shades of these colors to convey the visual effect of a bright firework against a navy night sky.

Here are the color hexes entered into PosterMyWall’s Brand Kits feature. The branded imagery used corresponds with the firework and night sky visuals we want to evoke with this Brand Kit.

The primary font used is a bold one, utilizing the dark blue color, whereas the secondary font is a simple sans serif in the neon red/pink shade from the palette.

Here’s how it looks overall once the Brand Kit is created. This is how you can create a visual brand kit out of a collection of emotions.

This example uses quite a lot of similar colors to the first, except for the fact that the shades of blue used here invoke a clear, cloudless blue 4th of July day-time sky peppered with balloons and the occasional kite.

3. Christmas

Everybody’s favorite season – unless you’re the Grinch – is rife with inspiration for seasonal content.

Close your eyes and imagine: cold, crisp air whipping the exposed bits of your wool-wrapped face, fresh sheets of snow covering everything in a blanket of blinding white, ornament-heavy Christmas trees twinkling with fairy-lights, far-away carols being sung sweetly by hordes, little jingles from shop-fronts as the masses finish up their holiday shopping, a persistent fragrance of vanilla, cinnamon, hot chocolate, and gingerbread wafting through the air. It’s Christmas.

Now try making a Brand Kit out of this loaded sensory experience. How would you go about it?

The best way to describe this color palette is ‘frosted’. The classic holly red-and-green is given a frosty twist. All the shades in this palette seem dusted with a light covering of snow, which tones down the usual sharpness of Christmas colors.

This is a mature design choice, but one that still reminisces of Christmas trees, bright ornaments, glittering fairy-lights, snow, and all things Christmas.

To create a Christmas themed Brand Kit using these colors, we chose a branded image with the same color scheme, plus the Christmas tree motif to really drive home the concept.

The primary and secondary font contrast nicely with each other by juxtaposing both script and sans serif typeface options.

Here’s how the finished Brand Kit template looks. Festive!

This is another Christmas-themed color palette. The colors used here are brighter, but also have a vintage or retro tint to them. This effect especially helps in the creation of seasonal nostalgia in the customer.

Create your own Brand Kit

Having gone through a multitude of examples, and a variety of ways in which you can create powerful emotional responses in customers by creating seasonal Brand Kits, it’s now your turn. Let’s see what you come up with.