Autumn design guide: Harvest designs to ‘Fall’ in love with

Confused about your fall marketing designs? This Autumn design guide is your best friend, containing eye-catching fonts, colors, stickers, and more.

Autumn has just started to make its presence known with the sudden chill in the air. With it comes a truckload of marketing preparation. After all, you want your fall marketing to stand out from the crowd, right?

To give you a hand, we created this autumn design guide, chock-full of exciting ideas: fonts, colors, motifs, backgrounds, stickers, you name it.

Choose the perfect fall font

Let’s get you started with 8 fonts that are perfect for fall promotions, be it seasonal sales, restaurant menu updates, or exciting new festivals.

Use these hand picked collection of fonts to create dazzling autumn and harvest-themed designs for your business. They add just the right touch of rustic autumn vibes, putting your customers in the perfect mood for some Fall festivities.

Now let’s take a look at some spice-tacular design inspo.

Look for design inspiration

Take a look at these colorful autumn festival templates. Let’s break them down in terms of their design elements. We’ll also discuss what each element adds to the overall design.

Observe Fall design elements

Pay attention to the leaf motifs that dominate this design. Autumn is that melancholy time of the year when you’ll find fallen leaves strewn about every which way. With this in mind, use fall promotions to create relatability with what you’re offering.

Color Theory

Notice also the colors used in the above flyer. This color palette is a staple of Fall marketing: muted yellows, reds, oranges, and browns. It references the colors one sees all around them in Fall: the ripening harvest, the trees going from green to red to brown and shedding their foliage, the thriving pumpkin patches.

Using a Fall color palette in your design will trigger comforting memories of the season within the customer. This makes it more likely for them to trust your ad or offer. Since 85% of customers say color is one of their main reasons for buying a product, paying attention to color theory will help you immensely.

Specific colors are linked to specific memories, moods, and cultural perceptions. This is especially true for autumn.

Fallen leaves are rich in visual contrast. That is, the deep reds contrast with the soft yellows which contrast with the bright oranges. Thus, using these color combinations stimulate the customer’s brain.

Not only this, but using fall colors helps soothe stress among customers, and create a comforting connection with your brand. This is because these colors emulate taking a walk outside, and noticing all the shifting beautiful fall colors and patterns is an exercise in mindfulness.

Use a combination of fonts, motifs, and textures

The design above uses one of the Fall fonts we revealed above: Edo Sz. This is a great example of how you can put these fonts to good use.

Similarly, this Autumn festival flyer uses another Fall font we showed above: Oklahoma. This font evokes a rustic, mid-Western parlor vibe which just about screams Fall.

Just as the previous design used leaf motifs, this one uses acorns as a recurring design decision. If you walk down a road in the middle of autumn, you are bound to catch hordes of acorns shed by oak trees. Using acorn imagery, therefore, is a smart design decision.

This design adds a bit of oomph by incorporating some glowing fairy light graphics, which make it twinkle and shimmer delightfully. 

Both of the Fall festival designs we discussed also make heavy use of wood textures, especially as a background – another Fall promotions staple.

This design uses Beyond the Mountains, another gorgeous Fall font mentioned earlier. The bold strokes of this font make it perfect for Fall flyers, which need to be visible from a distance.

This design also uses leaf imagery, albeit in a slightly different manner: leaves in the background, and leaves as borders, making the design look symmetrical and pleasing to the eye.

Dare to be different

Here’s a slightly different take on a fall promotion. The background is predominantly cream-colored, with little watercolor fall elements stamped all over, and a sale message positioned right in the middle of the design.

You can choose to stray from typical fall designs and go down a more unconventional route with a design like this.

Let’s turn to a harvest festival flyer now.

Another way to make your Fall promotions truly pop is to use stickers. This design uses tag-shaped and pumpkin-shaped stickers to add dimension and draw the reader’s attention to the text.

You can also use real fall imagery as a background, as in this flyer. It creates a vibrant effect which perhaps mere graphics could not achieve.

Use filters and effects

One final way to enhance autumn-themed promotions is to use various filters and effects on your pictures.

You can find these in the right contextual menu of the PosterMyWall editor, once you select an image or a background.

Sepia and tint are two filters that are made for fall. These enhance your promotional images by tinting them in the shades of fall, as we discussed above. With tint especially, you get to choose which color suits your design best. Reds, browns, yellows, and oranges are your best friend here.

The design-savvy marketer will also be interested in layering sepia and tint with other effects from the vast range of options available. You can add a soft glow to your images to make them stand out, select a border to hem it all in, or even choose a ‘torn paper’ effect for that vintage vibe.

Create your own autumn design

In this Autumn design guide, we have covered a range of various resources and tips to aid you in your own Fall marketing campaign, including fonts, color palettes, stickers, motifs, and much more.

Now it’s your turn. What will your Fall promo look like? There’s no other way to find out but to get started!