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7 event email templates and tips for promoting your next event

New to promoting an event via email? Check out these 7 tips—and free event email templates!—that can help you up your event email marketing game.

Have you been put in charge of sending emails to promote your event? This task can seem intimidating if you’ve never done it before. Here, we’ll share seven tips for designing impactful event promotion emails, event email marketing examples for each tip, and event email templates to which you can apply them.

Use these tips and free event invitation email templates to elevate your email marketing game and boost your attendee numbers!

1. Pick eye-catching heading fonts

Leave the more standard fonts, like Arial or Times New Roman, for your main email text. For your headings, you’ll want to use unique fonts that catch your readers’ eye and compel them to keep reading.

We especially love the headings in this email promoting Retail Global’s block party:

For sure, the retro colors look groovy. But the brand has also taken care to use heading fonts that fit perfectly with its block party’s 80’s theme.

The headings have also been blown up to huge font sizes, such that they practically scream “READ ME!!”

Try this tip out with this PosterMyWall template:

2. Add stunning images

Is your event email going to contain just a wall of text? Boring.

Use images to add visual appeal to your email instead. These images should be relevant to the event you’re promoting. For example, you could insert photos from last year’s edition of your event.

Play around with your image sizes, too. And Apple knows what it’s doing here:

The brand has placed a huge image of its logo in the center of its launch event invitation email, making the logo a magnet for attention.

P.S. If you’re using event email templates, the template will contain placeholders that you can replace with your own images. Check the number of image placeholders your template has, then prep your images accordingly.

Try this tip out with this PosterMyWall template:

3. Showcase your VIPs

Who can event attendees mingle with during your event? Spotlight these VIPs to get people excited about signing up for your event.

Just like how Treehouse has crafted this email to promote its Treehouse Festival:

The email contains:

  • A photo of each featured speaker at the event
  • Their names and job titles
  • The topic of their talk

If space permits, you may also want to include a short bio of each VIP to help readers understand their backgrounds.

For instance, if you’re promoting the speakers at your hairdressing conference, their bios could be something like:

“Kevin Leary is the founder of Modern Mohawk Studios. A hairdresser to the stars, Kevin has cut the hair of Harry Styles, Gordon Ramsay, Daniel Craig, and other well-known celebrities.”

Try this tip out with this PosterMyWall template:

4. Include the benefits of attending your event

Showcasing your VIPs (as per the previous tip) is a subtler method of persuading readers that your event is worth attending. But you can also be more direct and tell readers exactly what they can get out of signing up.

This is what Slack has done in a “Sessions just for you” section of its business event invitation email:

The brand has placed the main event benefits in bolded text before elaborating on each of them.

We also like Slack’s smart use of colorful emojis!

Not only have the emojis been chosen well to represent each benefit, but they also nudge readers to read this section in more detail.

Try this tip out with this PosterMyWall template:

5. Feature your event schedule

Another thing people will want to know is what will be happening during your event. Featuring your event schedule can hence help them learn what to expect at your event, and then decide whether they want to attend.

(Some especially excited attendees may also start blocking off dates in their calendar right away!)

A simple bullet-point list of your event’s talks and activities can help communicate your event schedule. But for more visual interest, try displaying the schedule in a more graphical format.

For example, take a look at the colorful timetable that Kikk Festival has used for its event schedule:

Another possibility is to format your event schedule as panel columns. The PosterMyWall template below shows this suggestion in action!

Try this tip out with this PosterMyWall template:

6. Write enticing calls to action

If there’s a call to action that your event email absolutely must include, it’s one that asks your readers to register for your event.

The typical call to action to use here would be “Register” or “Sign up.” Either of these works, but why not try “Save your seat” instead?

You’ll find this call to action in this Webex pre-event email to attendees:

“Save your seat” is a fantastic call to action because of its use of FOMO (fear of missing out). It hints to readers:

“Hey, we’ve got limited seats for our event. If you want to be there, then you have to reserve your spot now!”

Try this tip out with this PosterMyWall template:

7. Embed videos in your email

Yes, you can actually do that!

The video won’t auto-play, but there will typically be a play button superimposed over the video to get readers to click it. Your video will then play in a new browser tab.

This event promotion email by Miro illustrates what we mean:

Similar to using images, embedding videos can make your emails look more attractive. Visual learners may also appreciate the option to learn about your event in a more visual format as opposed to reading text.

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