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How email templates can make your church marketing a success

Emails might be a little fresh for church marketing, but their utility shall not be disregarded. Learn about church email templates and refine your church email marketing instantly.

It might have been a bit awkward for a church to incorporate email marketing back in the day. However, if your church is not employing email newsletter marketing techniques today, you are missing out on an amazing opportunity. 

Churches can expect growth by utilizing email marketing techniques. Church email marketing is an effective form of digital communication between churches and those who have subscribed to their emails. Plus, the odds are in your favor when you turn to email marketing. Approximately 90% of the emails are delivered directly to the intended recipient’s inbox, whereas only 2% of your social media ads appear on the newsfeed of your followers. 

People opting for your mailing list increase the open rates while increasing engagement as well. And with that increased engagement, more people are expected to get through the doors of your church. The fact that your email will reach a wider audience as compared to your social media activity does not mean that you should stop using social media; however, it is a compelling reason to use email newsletter marketing

What to include in your Church Newsletter?

The main purpose of a newsletter is to communicate important information about your church. However, your aim should be to create engaging newsletters which catch the recipient’s eye while worth having a read. And with keeping that in mind, the design of your newsletter is as important as the content included in it.

The use of church email templates facilitates the designing of your newsletter, however, the newsletter you create must be carefully managed so that it always portrays your intentions clearly, while grabbing audience attention.

With some of the best email templates and content ideas to include in your church’s newsletters, below are some of the ways you can make the most of your newsletters. 

Sharing regular church news with an email newsletter

Consistency is one of the key factors when it comes to email newsletter marketing. Like all other communities where people gather occasionally, churches have regular announcements and news to share on a monthly or weekly basis. You can share the progress of the church by letting your subscribers know how well the church is doing locally or nationally. Make sure to add some facts when writing your news articles, keeping all the information short and easily understandable. 

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The above example is a newsletter sent by Christ Church Inner West to share its news. Just like that, you can also create a news email for your church and make sure your subscribers are not missing out on anything. 

Although church news newsletters can serve as regular content to share with your subscribers, it might be a bit of a task to make the recipient read your email. This is when you make a move with the design of your email newsletter. Make your newsletters stand out from others with creative and catchy designs. 

Use this template to share regular news for the church monthly newsletter and catch your audience’s attention at a glance. Moreover, you can also try out email templates from PosterMyWall to take your email marketing a step ahead. 

Support your fundraising with email newsletters

Churches are often in search of donations for which they organize multiple fundraisers from time to time. However, the success of a fundraiser is dependent on the way you promote and get the word out. Email marketing with newsletters can ensure success for your church’s next fundraiser. 

With increased competition for donations, religious giving is going down day by day. Thus, your church needs to put forward a desperate need to let the members know why they should support your cause either financially or with their time. If you can show the impact their support can have on their matters of concern, their generosity will follow. 

Let the members know how and whom the fundraiser will help. Or if it’s for church servicing, demonstrate clearly why there is a need to make fixes or upgrades. 

Once you have made the case for your church fundraiser, all you need to do is design a newsletter and start promoting it through your church’s email marketing. People are eager and willing to take part in opportunities to give to the church, and therefore would prefer such information to be shared separately from the church’s other newsletters. 

If you have organized a fundraiser before, be transparent with the collections. Let your members know how much your church collected previously while encouraging them to share more this time. 

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The above newsletter is from a church sharing their previous collections with the churchgoers. Make your fundraiser a success too using this template for your church fundraiser newsletter design. Other than that, you can also use the church email templates available at PosterMyWall to further assist you with your email marketing campaign. 

Using email newsletters to promote upcoming events and announcements

There is no off-season for a church. A special occasion or an event is happening now and then. However, it is not so easy to make every church event successful. A lot of effort and courage is required to encourage the members to attend the upcoming event. 

Notify your audience by including a ‘what’s on’ section in your email newsletters. In such newsletters, you may want to share any upcoming events that will be happening at your church. Special events in your church include a guest speaker coming in, a prayer event, a BBQ, or a concert. But keep in mind that upcoming events or announcement newsletter is distinctive from others. Consider including a form to enable the readers to register themselves for an event. 

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As such newsletters are unique, you may have a hard time finding appropriate church email templates for your event promotion. But do not worry, we have you covered. Try this amazing template from one of the best event email templates and promote your special occasion or make an announcement like no other church.

Email newsletters for special holiday occasions 

The special holiday newsletter is a tremendous opportunity to provide your audience with some resources for a specific holiday season. The holiday newsletter of your church can include some ways to prepare for the holidays, The Bible reading plan, or some specific events happening at your church during the holiday season. 

As this email will be a little more consolidated than your weekly newsletter, it should be a separate email newsletter entirely. If you try to merge the holiday newsletter with the weekly newsletter, the holiday information is likely to be lost underneath the weekly news. 

Send the holiday newsletter at least one month before the season begins, providing enough time for the people to prepare. You may also send out a second email as a reminder just 1-2 weeks before the holiday season. 

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Holiday newsletters need to be a bit more interesting and catchier than your church’s usual newsletters. To keep your church busy during the holiday season, try this church newsletter design and promote every opportunity your church has to offer during these holidays. 

Emergency events require emergency newsletters

Sometimes, emergency events require churches and other religious centers to send out newsletters that inform the congregations of the new procedures, locations, times, or any other changes made due to an emergency. Many churches used these newsletters during the covid-19 pandemic when they had to close the church for congregations. 

But churches operating in difficult climates are used to sending out these emergency event newsletters when the weather is poor and normal procedures or schedules are impossible to follow through. 

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Use the PosterMyWall Email Maker

Using software for email marketing makes the creation and distribution for email campaigns easier. Some also include free templates to assist you with the designing of your email newsletters. Email marketing software allows you to schedule a release date and time, ensuring that you never miss a release date. 

PosterMyWall offers various design tools and now, the Email Maker that will help you with your email campaign. From designing to editing and publishing, with a huge variety of customizable church email templates available and new designs added daily, We help you carry out your email newsletter campaigns efficiently. 

Our design tools allow you to create not just emails, but also other marketing content such as flyers, posters, and social media posts. Use PosterMyWall to create your email campaign and take your church’s email newsletter marketing to the next level. 

Get the most of your church email newsletter marketing 

Whether it is a January email showcasing the new year’s resolutions or a December newsletter informing about the Christmas holiday season, it still should be attractive and appealing so that your receivers would have an intention to open your emails. 

To keep your subscribers engaged, follow the above-mentioned recommendations and best practices that will allow your email newsletters to stand out. 

Lastly, to make your church’s email marketing successful, register with newsletter software. And to help you with this, go to PosterMyWall now, start your email marketing campaign, and create the best church newsletters for your audience.