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How to use holiday signage templates for your holiday marketing

It is that time of the year again. The holiday season is about to start, but are you ready for it? Discover holiday signage templates and prosper your business during the holiday season.

The holiday season is just around the corner. A season known for music, food, and of course: gifts. According to the National Retail Federation, shoppers spend around $998 on average for food, decorations, presents, and other holiday-related items during the holiday season. So, is your business ready to make the most of the most spendable time of the year? 

Holiday-specific promotions and content have been proven to significantly improve your business’s impressions on potential customers. Click-through rates, direct traffic, and overall engagement are also shown to increase with holiday-related campaigns. Thus, there is no reason for your business to not take advantage of holiday-related marketing ideas and increase sales extensively. 

Digital signage for holiday promotions

Digital signage is one of the most effective marketing ideas when it comes to holiday promotions. It can play a huge role in upselling, cross-selling, and grabbing the attention of potential buyers. Digital signage can be used by retailers and businesses to promote events such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas in the upcoming holiday season. 

It is that time of the year again! Season specials, discounts, and gifts, to name some things that make it unique. Customers are expecting so much during this time, with competition going on among businesses on who can make the most enticing offer. Digital signage cannot only make your offer sound good, but it will make it look good too. 

Thus, we have put together some of the best digital signage ideas to help your business stand out and catch those holiday sales. Whether you operate as a retailer or a wholesaler, we hope that these digital signage marketing ideas will bring some cheer and sales to your business. Take a look at how else digital signage can help you this year. 

1. Put up holiday decorations

Digital signage was designed to deliver any message or notice using visuals, but it can of course serve as something else besides this. You can dedicate your digital signages solely to the purpose of introducing the holiday spirit indoors. 

Start with something simple, such as light decorations at one corner of your routine display content. As the season comes to a close, you can step further to display some customized stunning ornaments. This brilliant utilization of holiday digital signage can create a holiday vibe for everyone. Let it be a customer or an employee, anyone in your store will surely enjoy these decorations.

Digital signage content ideas like these can work exceptionally well when you try them for events like Halloween. Halloween is just about decorations, with people decorating their homes, schools, or workplaces. Use any of the holiday signage templates available at PosterMyWall, design your Halloween digital signage content, and make your customers excited about the event. You can also check out our fantastic themes for Halloween posters blog post to get some further assistance with your digital signage content.  

2. Incorporate holiday digital signage into your campaigns

This time of the year is very important, especially for retailers. You must have already devised special offers, promotional deals, or campaigns that can take your customers on a multifold journey. But do you plan to incorporate digital signage with any of your special campaigns for the holiday season?

Do not neglect how digital signage can facilitate dedicated holiday promotions for your business. Display special discounts and offers with a visual which impresses your potential customers and entices them to buy from you. You can also use digital signage to put holiday cheers and greetings at your storefront to drive people inside. 


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With Thanksgiving approaching and everyone looking out for sales, integrating digital signage for your campaigns is more important than ever. To save time and effort with the already so busy season, learn how to create your own content using holiday signage templates and create digital signage content for your business effortlessly. 

3. Help customers find their way

As the holiday season approaches, stores undergo a bit of an indoor change, even if you are an online retailer. This does not always imply decorations, but also moving things around, putting new merchandise, announcing new sales or deals, and bumping extra offers to the forefront. While it is necessary to do something special during this time, you should be careful to not confuse your regular customers. 

Use digital signage to provide clear information on special offers, new merchandise, or any other operations that have changed within the store. This is particularly for large department stores which might undergo structural changes before the holiday season starts. This information will also be helpful to your employees. 

4. Deploy a holiday social media wall

When we talk about digital signage on social media, there are multiple software that can help you automatically arrange user-generated content. However, it is better to rather build your own social media wall, specifically for holiday-related content. Such content can be classified into the decorative section of your digital signage and is the most engaging within this sector. As user-generated content is created by the impressions of actual people, it is considered genuine and holds more weight than any other content you create yourself. 

Christmas hashtag feeds

Creative walls on digital signage can help you engage audiences. Displaying content from various social media platforms is one of the best digital signage ideas for Christmas marketing. For instance, create a social media wall for your marketing campaign in real-time and modify it with themes, fonts, colors, and backgrounds, keeping in mind the festival of Christmas. You can also try out Christmas sign templates on PosterMyWall to further help you design your social media content. To learn more about how to create quality social media content, read this blog post.  

5. informative boards on digital signage

Taking advantage of the holiday season, you can use digital signage to showcase any information you think your customers need to see. Display content that publicizes holiday sales, bundles, or discounts. Although the average expenditure by shoppers is high on holiday-related purchases, not everyone can spend large amounts during the season. Customers with a sensation of being thrifty are likely to be looking for sales or discounts that allow them to still buy their loved ones the gifts they want. 

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Other than that, digital signage can be used to display essential information to customers. No one wants to show up but find your store closed. Make sure to prominently display your special holiday hours or information about any special events. To get the job done with ease, try out holiday signage templates on PosterMyWall and create your informative boards smoothly. 

Holiday signage ideas regardless of your business’s industry 

  • A holiday countdown calendar or clock: Whether you are just keeping track or counting down to the holiday, build anticipation using digital signage to show the remaining days or minutes to the special day. 
  • Announce holiday contests: Involve your customers by providing the contest information on on-premises screens. Ask them to tag your business and use certain hashtags to enter themselves into the contest, all for a winning prize that you can decide. 

Get going with your digital signage marketing

It is high time when you start finding new strategies to display content on your digital signage and enjoy increased revenues and conversions for your business. Whether you are just about to start with digital signage or are simply going through this blog to spark ideas, make sure to check out holiday signage templates on PosterMyWall and see how well you can do this holiday season. This season, spice up your campaigns with digital signage and let the audience see what you have to offer.