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6 Halloween activities for school to spook your students

Stumped on which school activities to organize for spooky season this year? Here are some fun Halloween activities for school to get you started.

Halloween is right around the corner, and kids are always the most excited out of everyone about this holiday. So as a school teacher, you might be searching for ideas to spook up the classroom this year. Don’t worry about brainstorming, because we’ve put together 6 fa-boo-lous Halloween activities for school to help you get started.

1. Make your classroom creepy with decor

One of the best ways to get your students into the Halloween spirit is to decorate your classroom with spooky Halloween decor.

This doesn’t have to be an expensive or tedious task at all, as you can DIY most of the decor. This saves on costs, and is also a great way to get your students involved in an exciting creative activity. Win-win.

Source: BookWidgets

All you need are some craft supplies like chart papers, glue, scissors, colors, and paints – and of course, a dozen young creative minds. Let your students’ imaginations run wild, and create skeleton themed boards, creepy witch houses, sweet little pumpkin patches, scenes of a zombie invasion, and maybe a ghoulish graveyard? Just make sure things don’t get too scary.

Don’t limit your or your kids’ creativity and watch your classroom (and the dead) come alive with these spooky Halloween activities for school.

2. Design Halloween-themed party invitations

You might have already decided to throw a scary Halloween class or school party for your students.

A fun Halloween school activity to elevate this idea, and get the kids more involved in the process is to make Halloween-themed party invitations with them.

The options are endless: you can choose from a variety of themes ranging from bats, graveyards, pumpkins, skeletons, a message in a bottle, and more. The Internet is a great starting point if you’re looking for inspiration.

For example, the spider-web themed invitation below is an easy but adorable DIY idea. Your kids can put their own creative spin on it (pun not intended) to make the idea truly their own.

(Source: Martha Stewart)

In the absence of a party, you can even create some simple Happy Halloween cards, which can borrow from all the themes mentioned above. This will make for a fun afternoon of creativity and get everyone in a spooky mood.

3. Play some hauntingly fun games

If there’s two things kids love, it’s Halloween and playing games. So why not combine the two to make all their dreams come true?

Here are a bunch of especially creepy Halloween games that are sure to cause screams…of delight!

1. Pumpkin spoon race. This is a Halloween-themed take on the classic egg spoon race. Get (or make) some mini pumpkins to put on spoons. Have the students put the spoons in their mouths. The first one to reach the finish line without dropping the pumpkin wins.

2. Horror bingo. This is, again, a horrific spin on a beloved classic. You can make your own Halloween-themed bingo cards with the help of your students, or download free ones from PosterMyWall. The first person to win gets to take home extra candy.

3. Spooky scavenger hunt. Hide a collection of Halloween-themed items around the classroom or the school – some skeletons, some mummies, a few pumpkins, and a witch’s hat. Divide your class into groups and let the hunt begin! The first group to win decides the horror movie you will watch next.

Which brings us to…

4. Have a Halloween movie day

After the sweaty sequence of Halloween activities for school outlined above, it’s time to take a breather, and sit back and relax (or not?) with a scream-tastic Halloween flick.

Grab some comfy bean bags or chairs and some scrumptious snacks, and the show is ready to begin. Some tried and tested kids’ favorite Halloween movies are listed below.

1. Coraline – This is based on the infamous children’s book by Neil Gaiman. A young girl is looking for adventure in her boring new house when she discovers a secret passage to a more exciting version of her home, but it has some dark secrets.

2. Monster House – Three teenagers discover that their cranky neighbor’s house is a child-hating monster. They make a plan to kill the house.

3. Hocus Pocus – Three women mistakenly bring back the Sanderson Sisters to present day Salem and have to decide how to prevent the witches from wreaking havoc on the world.

4. The Addams Family – Centers around the eccentric but beloved Addams Family and their hijinks.

Although these are all kids’ movies, make sure to check whether any other titles you choose are appropriate for children, and do not contain any violence or gore.

5. Make some Halloween candy tags

Every child’s favorite part of Halloween is candy, of course.

It makes sense then, that they would jump at the chance to create anything candy-related. One fun and easy idea is to design tags to add to Halloween candy. 

These are fun little messages you can attach to bags of candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters, including your own students.

Halloween candy tags don’t need to be elaborate. They just contain a spooky motif, like the spider in the example below, with Halloween wishes and the name of the sender/receiver of the candy.

Candy tags are a great way to spice up and personalize the otherwise generic treats you will hand out to students on Halloween and help make the day a memorable one.

6. Hold a ghoulishly fun quiz competition

Lastly, splitting your class up into teams and hosting a fun and informative Halloween trivia competition is a great way to end a day filled with Halloween activities for school.

You can even hand out clues and tips beforehand, to make the competition a little more interesting. 

A good Halloween quiz should have a balanced mix of movies, literature, music, and Halloween history thrown together.

To make things easy for you, here’s a fun Halloween quiz template you can use for your own class. The answers are included, but don’t share those with the kids!

Try out these Halloween activities for school. You can combine, remix, and innovate based on the ones we highlighted to create fun new activities that are catered specifically to your own classroom, resources, and students.

Let us know how Halloween turns out for your school!

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