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New photo effects and filters to make your photos pop

Want to enhance your photo editing skills? Our new filters and photo effects have got you covered!

We have exciting news for the passionate designer in you. Introducing: a fun range of photo effects within the PosterMyWall design editor for you to try out! These are divided into ‘Adjustments’ and ‘Effects’.

Let’s have a look at the magic you can create with these photo effects.


‘Adjustments’ are found in the right contextual menu when you select an image. The newest adjustments are:

  1. Gamma
  2. Saturation
  3. Contrast
  4. Vibrance

Other (older) adjustments include:

  1. Tint
  2. Multiply
  3. Brightness

Try out the latest adjustment options

You can play around with the contrast, vibrance, saturation, and gamma by moving the sliders and seeing how your image looks with each adjustment.

Let’s take this picture of a birthday card and add some filters to see how we can change its appearance.

Let’s try adjusting the ‘Gamma’ of this image. Simply turn on the ‘Gamma’ switch, and toggle the ‘Red’, ‘Green’, and ‘Blue’ sliders to adjust these tones in your image.

Here’s what a Gamma re-adjusted image of the birthday card looks like. The red tones are reduced, while the green and blue tones are enhanced.

Now let’s turn off the Gamma adjustment, and adjust the saturation, contrast, and vibrance of the image. Doing this will make the image on the birthday card truly pop.

Here’s what the image looks like once we increase the brightness, contrast, vibrance, and saturation. The colors are more saturated, giving the image a vibrant effect. It immediately catches the eye.

Other adjustments

There are a couple of already available adjustment options available as well which can be incredibly useful.

For example, you can adjust the ‘Tint’ on an image. Turn on the ‘Tint’ switch, choose a suitable color for the tint, and adjust the opacity with the slider.

Here’s how the birthday card looks with a cream tint of 44 opacity. Adding this tint lends a warm, homely effect to the image.

‘Multiply’ is yet another adjustment option. Let’s see what happens when we turn off the tint and add a gray ‘Multiply’ with 0 opacity.

The birthday card image looks more toned down and professional now.

Layering adjustments

Just like with effects, you can layer adjustments as well. For example, you can turn on all three adjustments – Tint, Multiply, and Gamma – at once.


Now let’s turn to effects.

Image effects are found in the right contextual menu once you select the image you want to edit. There is a range of effects available, such as Edge Effects, Glow, and a variety of image filters.


Let’s turn on the Black & White filter to give our birthday card a vintage touch.

This effect completely changed the emotion conveyed by the image. Initially, it was a bright, cheery image with a distinct pop of pink. Turning the Black & White filter on gave it more of a gloomy aspect.

The full list of available filters is:

  1. Black & White
  2. Sepia
  3. Invert

Layer multiple effects

You can even layer effects, that is, turn on multiple effects at a single time. Let’s try this.

In addition to the Black & White, turn on the ‘Torn Paper’ Edge Effect, and add a ‘Strong Glow’ in red.

Here’s the final look. With the effects layered together, our birthday card image looks almost like a faded photograph out of an old album.

You can play around with the effects and adjustments options, even layering the two with each other. Go wild with the Editor, mix up different options, and let us know what you come up with!

Interested? Find out more about effects and adjustments.