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Go from newbie to pro with these 5 Twitch stream marketing tips

Use these 5 Twitch stream marketing tips to boost your following and engagement, and the next big name on Twitch could just be you!

The bigger your Twitch following, the more:

  • Eyeballs you get on your videos
  • Viewers subscribe and donate to watch your content
  • Collaborations you can score with other streamers, and
  • Opportunities you have for selling merch or snagging sponsorships.

So if your following isn’t as big as you’d like it to be and you’re wondering how to market on Twitch, keep reading!

Here, we’ll share five Twitch stream marketing tips (or cheat codes!) for growing your following and increasing audience engagement. We’ll also share examples of other streamers putting these tips into action to help you get your Twitch marketing strategy off the ground.

Ready to start? Then let’s go.

1. Design an attractive Twitch banner

Your Twitch banner is one of the first things people will see when they land on your channel, so don’t waste the chance to make a good first impression! Swap out the default Twitch banner with one that showcases your personality and what your channel is about.

For example, check out Twitch streamer Nightblue3’s banner:

Nightblue3 has placed an attention-grabbing image of his logo in the center of the banner. He’s also displayed his other social media handles so people can follow him on those platforms.

And don’t worry, you don’t need to be a Photoshop genius to design a similarly awesome Twitch banner.

You can use our wide range of Twitch banner templates as a starting point for designing your banner. Choose your favorite template, then use our user-friendly design editor to customize its fonts, images, colors, and more until you have the perfect banner for your Twitch channel.

2. Engage with your followers

To increase audience engagement for your Twitch stream, it isn’t good enough to hope that people will comment on your videos. You need to talk to your audience as well. After all, engagement is a two-way street!

So whenever someone leaves a comment on your videos, take a few seconds to type a quick reply. You can also reply to your followers’ comments via video, like streamer Nickmercs:

Interacting with your followers doesn’t take long and gives you the chance to show your personality outside of your “official” Twitch videos. Doing so also signals that you care about what your fans think. Your audience may then be encouraged to keep chatting with you.

Over time, you’ll start to build a following of not just people who watch you because you do hilarious commentary, or because you’re really good at a certain game. Instead, these followers will become your friends who genuinely like you as a person and are interested in your life.

In a sea of Twitch streams where many others play the same games, building friendships with your followers is what will make your streaming experiences more meaningful as you climb the streaming ranks!

3. Play with other streamers

If you’re streaming a multiplayer game, this is the perfect Twitch stream marketing opportunity for you to play with other streamers and land yourself more exposure.

That’s because as you play with other streamers, you naturally introduce yourself to their audiences. And if they like you and your stream, they may choose to become your followers.

As a result, you grow your follower base. Your fellow streamers may also gain more followers at the same time! It’s a game where everyone can win.

Here, we have streamer Myth taking part in the Fall Guys tournament organized by another streamer, Ludwig:

The tournament got quite a bit of attention from fans as streamers could get real money if they won. But even if there aren’t similar challenges going on right now, you could always rope streamers in to organize your own special collab!

For example, you could invite a streamer to a friendly 1-v-1 showdown. Alternatively, team up with a group of pals to face a tough boss together. Your imagination is the only limit here.

4. Promote your Twitch stream on other social platforms

Tapping on your audience on other social platforms is an easy Twitch stream marketing hack for getting more followers for your Twitch channel.

Your followers on these other social platforms probably already like you, so if you tell them you have a Twitch channel, they may be more interested in checking it out—compared to, say, a person who has never heard of you before.

And since you’re already creating videos of your streams, why not repurpose these videos for posting on social media (and publicizing your Twitch channel)? That’s what streamer Timthetatman has done:

PosterMyWall makes it easy to create a video online, where you can add captions or resize your videos for different platforms. Download your finished work, then post them on your socials to start promoting your Twitch stream.

You may also find these articles helpful as you promote your Twitch channel with the power of social media!

5. Organize your streams with Twitch categories

By default, Twitch displays all your streams in chronological order with your latest streams at the start of the feed.

But perhaps some of your followers are interested in watching you play Game A, and not Game B or Game C. Having to go through all your videos to find those that are of you playing Game A can be a lot of work!

To make the task easier for your followers, use Twitch’s categories feature to group your videos according to the games they feature.

When your followers can easily find the specific category of videos they want to watch, they’d be more likely to browse your channel for longer—which is great news for your audience engagement.

For example, streamer imaqtpie has videos in categories such as Potionomics, Overwatch 2, and Dragon Ball: The Breakers:

Tip: Most of Twitch’s categories are game-related. But you can also use the Just Chatting category to categorize the videos where you’re just chilling and interacting with your followers (see point #2 above!)

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