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7 school Christmas activities for a merry time in the classroom

As we count down to the most wonderful time of the year, check out this list of 7 school Christmas activities that will get your students into the festive spirit.

We’re counting down to the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is around the corner, which means the time is ripe for carrying out school Christmas activities with your students.

With help from some friendly elves, we’ve compiled a list of seven Christmas activities for kids that will get your students into the festive spirit. Sprinkle these throughout your classroom schedule as you and your students look forward to Christmas. Santa will be sliding down your chimneys before you know it!

So ho ho ho, let’s go!

1. Put up a Christmas tree in your classroom

Every home needs a Christmas tree when Christmas rolls around—and so does every classroom!

After having a Christmas tree delivered to your classroom, rope in your students to help decorate it with tinsel, shiny baubles, and glittery ornaments.

(For even more fun, you can also have your students create their own decorations for putting up on the tree! More on this in point #4 below.)

And for the finishing touch, top off your Christmas tree with a bright gold star.

Leave this step for last, after your students have dressed up the rest of the tree!

2. Create Christmas party invitations

Is your school throwing a Christmas party? Get your students involved—and excited for the party!—by helping them create Christmas party invitations.

Here, we have the adorable kids from St. Evan School preparing Christmas invitations for their parents:

For a more traditional approach to Christmas party invite creation, you can have your students draw the invitations on paper using colored pencils and crayons.

But if they’re older and savvier with a computer mouse, you can guide them on designing digital invites using a graphic design platform too!

Spice up the festivities with some super-fun Christmas games. There are plenty of Christmas games for kids in school you can play, and we’ll share two of them to get your inspiration flowing!

First up, here’s a classic: Christmas song bingo.

To play this game, you’ll need to create bingo cards with pictures that represent Christmas songs. Here’s an example courtesy of teacher Kerri McKay:

Next, create a music playlist containing the Christmas songs shown on the bingo cards.

Distribute the bingo cards to your students, and play the songs on your playlist. Whenever your students recognize a song being played, they should cross it off their bingo card.

Whoever manages to cross off five songs in a row first wins!

If Christmas song bingo doesn’t tickle your fancy, then here’s a wacky Christmas game that your students will find a hoot: a wrapping students station!

Your students will have a whale of a time wrapping their friends up as if they were Christmas gifts. Just supply some kid-friendly gift decorations, then let your students go wild!

4. Make Christmas decorations from scratch

Sure, your students and their families can easily buy Christmas decorations from the store. But where’s the fun in that?

Spending an afternoon helping your students create their own Christmas decorations lets them exercise their creative juices. It also gives them the chance to design a Christmas decoration that’s truly their own.

For example, take a look at how Our Lady and St Chad Catholic Academy held Christmas decoration-making sessions for its students:

5. Organize a Christmas classroom competition

Turn up the Christmas excitement with a little friendly competition!

Band together with your fellow teachers to organize a schoolwide Christmas classroom contest, where each class will decorate their classrooms for Christmas.

The best-dressed classroom will win its students some awesome Christmas gifts…and maybe even a visit from Santa himself!

Such a classroom competition is exactly what The Beeches Primary School organized for its school Christmas activities a few years ago:

6. Conduct a Christmas arts and crafts session

Turn your regular art lessons into Christmas-themed ones by helping your students make Christmas crafts. Examples of things you could let them create include:

  • Papier-mâché baubles
  • Paper chains made out of red, green, and gold paper
  • Popsicle stick Christmas wreaths
  • Glass jar snow globes filled with pretty glitter

Just check out how much fun the students of St. Francis of Assisi School are having as they get crafty!

7. Design Christmas cards

If there’s one thing that will never go out of style, it’s the giving of Christmas cards. Guide your students on creating such cards, and writing messages in them, for gifting to their family and classmates.

The Christmas cards could be designed with paint, like these beautiful ones made by the students of Corpus Christi School:

Alternatively, you can also teach your students to design Christmas greeting cards online using a template, festive fonts, and their own photos!

Here are some of our favorite templates for turning into gorgeous Christmas cards:

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