Try these 5 consulting firm logos for your consulting business

Looking for ways to promote your consulting business? Boost your brand presence with these professional consulting firm logos.

Own a consulting firm? Then you probably already know how important it is to have a good brand identity. As a consultant, you’re the one businesses reach out to when they want their problems solved, and your brand identity needs to reflect that. And what’s the most important aspect of this brand identity? Your consulting firm logo, of course. 

An effective logo acts like a visual gateway for your business. It showcases your ability to assist businesses in solving their problems. Which is why it should be simple, professional, and visually appealing. Luckily, we can help you out with that. PosterMyWall’s wide range of consulting firm logos will allow you to create the ideal brand image for your consulting firm. Here are a few great logos to help get you started.

Keep it simple and text-based

One great way to go about your consulting company logo is to keep it simple and text-based. This super-effective logo highlights the company initials using a simple yet aesthetically pleasing design technique that allows you to focus on the name. Using consulting logo ideas like this, you can focus on building up brand name recognition through your logo. 

Make use of clever imagery

Another way to go about designing your consulting firm logo is to use clever imagery to emphasize your brand name. This logo by Elevate Consulting makes clever use of arrows and money in a subtle manner to add a fun aspect to their branding. 

Add subtle elements

Sometimes, all you need are small, subtle elements to make a point with your consulting company logo. And this logo template shows you exactly how to do that, with its effective use of small elements embedded into a simple color scheme. 

Emphasize your brand name

Elevating your consulting firm logo by putting emphasis on your brand name is a great way to build recognition. This logo design makes use of a 3D style font along with some clever imagery on top to make their brand name stand out. This way, even if you see just the imagery without the name, you’re likely to associate it directly with this consulting firm. 

Be creative with fonts

Finally, you can also play around with fonts to make your logo unique, like this logo by TJ Art Consulting. The clever way in which the initials of the brand have been combined to create a unique logo makes it memorable and different, which allows you to brand yourself as a company with unique solutions as well. 

Create your own consulting firm logo now

With all these ideas listed above, you probably have a great start to coming up with your own consulting company logo idea. So hop onto PosterMyWall’s free logo maker online and get started on creating and customizing your own consulting firm logo now.