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5 Boxing Day email marketing tips for more email opens and sales

Learn 5 Boxing Day email marketing tips for getting more subscribers to open and click your emails—and place more orders with you!

Boxing Day is one of the last few shopping events of the year, making it one of your last few opportunities to bring in more sales before 2023 rolls around. So, you’ve got to pull out all the stops and run Boxing Day ads, promotions, and more!

This also means tapping into your sizable email list to spread the word on your Boxing Day promotions far and wide. Here, we’ll unbox five Boxing Day email marketing tips for getting more subscribers to open and click your emails—and place more orders with you.

1. Start with an attention-grabbing email subject line

Brainstorm different subject lines that grab attention such that subscribers have no choice but to open your email. Because you don’t want to spend ages composing the perfect email, only for subscribers to delete it after reading your yawn-inducing subject line.

As for how to make your subject lines catch attention, check out this example courtesy of Tupperware consultant Rose Olliver’s Boxing Day sale email:

The email’s subject line is “🎁🎄 Boxing Day Sale! Save up to 70% off with Rose Olliver Tupperware Consultant 🎁🎄”.

Notice how she emphasizes that subscribers can save up to 70% at her sale. This is no small amount, and something definitely worth emphasizing!

The smart use of relevant emojis also helps her email stand out in subscribers’ inboxes. After all, it isn’t common for people to use emojis in their subject lines.

(Learn more best practices for writing email subject lines here.)

2. Add a creative spin to your emails

Now that your subject line has piqued your subscribers’ curiosity, you’ll need to hold their attention with an engaging email body. So challenge yourself to come up with a creative way of promoting your Boxing Day sales.

In other words: how can your Boxing Day email campaign be different from all the Boxing Day emails your subscribers will be bombarded with this holiday season?

If you need inspiration, look no further than Bam Bam Music’s unique Boxing Day email marketing strategy for 2016. It sent subscribers this email:

Instead of outrightly advertising its Boxing Day sales, the brand made its sale sound super secretive—where only subscribers with the password could access its Boxing Day promotions.

But of course, the sale wasn’t that secretive. Bam Bam Music made sure to give the password away to help subscribers seize its Boxing Day deals.

3. Embed eye-catching images

Plain-text emails make for boring email marketing. There, we said it.

Whenever you receive a plain text email nowadays, it’s most likely for a work situation—such as your boss emailing to put a new task on your plate, for example.

Your subscribers probably also have the same experience. And do you really want your emails to remind them of work? No, you don’t.

Emails can contain images, so make full use of this opportunity to add a splash of color to your emails.

Since you’re promoting your Boxing Day offers, you can easily spice up your emails with images of the products that are on sale. Alternatively, design a special Boxing Day sale promotional graphic!

This is what YBFIT Training did for one of its Boxing Day sale emails:

You don’t need to be an ace graphic designer to design such images either. PosterMyWall offers a large collection of Boxing Day flyer templates, which you can customize using a drag-and-drop design editor.

4. Highlight your offer prominently

When you hold a Boxing Day sale, you’re competing with other brands for a share of consumers’ limited dollars. And once a consumer has busted their budget for Boxing Day sales this year, they won’t be able to buy anything else.

What this means is that your emails need to clearly state your offers—which are ideally super attractive too—to get subscribers spending with you instead of another brand.

This Boxing Day email by The Golf House showcases exactly what we mean:

Opening the email, one of the first things you immediately see is the phrase “20% OFF everything in store”. The email then features logos of brands whose products are on sale.

If you look closely, you’ll see an asterisk next to the “20% off” offer, because it’s subject to certain terms and conditions. But The Golf House has wisely stated these T&C’s in fine print—they aren’t the focus of the offer after all!

5. Make your calls to action compelling

If there’s one thing you absolutely can’t leave out of your Boxing Day sale emails, it’s your call to action. With it, you direct subscribers on their next steps after reading your email—namely, to start shopping your sale.

Your calls to action should also be compelling to entice subscribers to take action. For example:

  • “Buy now”
  • “Save 30% on gifts”
  • “Explore all offers”
  • “Claim your limited-time discount”

We also like the call to action in this Boxing Day sale email by Eldimaa Fashion:

The brand’s main call to action copy is “Shop sales now.” This is already pretty good, but the call to action then goes on to say in a smaller font size: “Ends 30.12.20.”

By sharing the end date for its Boxing Day sale, Eldimaa Fashion subtly but expertly instills a sense of fear of missing out (FOMO) in its subscribers. Because if they wanted to enjoy the brand’s deals, then they would have needed to place their orders by December 30, 2020—or lose out on them forever!

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