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How to organically achieve TikTok growth

Are you anxious about your TikTok growth? Read on and empower yourself with exceptional strategies to increase your followers.

TikTok is one of the most recent social media platforms and starting in 2016, 2020 was a blast for the platform. As the pandemic kept people indoors and away from their family and friends, the popularity of TikTok skyrocketed, and it seems that the platform’s newness still persists. In fact, it continues to grow. With more than one hundred million active users in the United States alone, this is a great platform to focus some marketing attention on. 

Although TikTok is said to be a remarkable platform, TikTok growth for your brand is anything but easy. Regardless of the platform, social media is all about the audience, and getting enough followers is as necessary as creating quality content. 

Want to get more followers on your TikTok? You have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will advise you on organically growing followers on TikTok with some simple techniques you can implement right away. 

How to grow on TikTok 

You need to have an extensive presence on the platform if you want to succeed on TikTok. Your brand will get more attention when it is exposed to a larger audience, thus, you can boost sales, create brand awareness, and establish lasting relationships with your customers. Perhaps there are platforms you can use to increase your followers quickly, but that is just going to help you short term. 

To utilize TikTok to its fullest potential, you need genuine followers that actually care about your brand. Follow the strategies below to increase follower growth and get people who care about what you have to say. 

Post at the right time

Posting your content on TikTok at the right time is one of the best ways to increase your followers. The best time is certainly when your target audience is most likely to be online. It could require some trial and error to detect the sweet spot but it is definitely worth it. 

Is there a best time to post on TikTok? 

Mostly yes. Although the platform has a personalized feature, videos on that page are usually no older than a couple of days. Therefore, to attain the best results, you will want to post when your audience is likely to be already scrolling. In other words, detecting the best time will need some basic understanding (time zones, behavior) of your audience. 

Reference: Hootsuite

However, reaching a wider audience is not just a matter of when you post. How often you post on TikTok can also affect the distribution of your content on the platform. TikTok recommends posting 2-4 times a day, but to find a schedule that pleases both the TikTok algorithm and your followers, you will need to keep a close eye on your performance until you find the frequency that works. 

What to post 

TikTok always has different ongoing trends, of which music and songs are often at the heart. This is because imprints often work with TikTok to push their artists’ songs on the platform, as it helps them increase their sales and boost the chances of the song topping the charts. 

It is quite easy to use a trending song in your video, and TikTok will also recommend it!

Using trending music in your content is a good strategy to increase your TikTok followers, as it enhances the likelihood of your content being served to new users. 

Use stitch to work with other TikTok creators

TikTok introduced a new feature known as Stitch in late 2020, and it is a great way to rapidly grow your following. The idea of this feature is to use a few seconds from someone else’s video as part of your own video to inform, expand, or grow conversation on a topic. 

Moreover, as Stitches are still new, TikTok favors stitches in the FYP above regular videos. 

Thus, get together with other TikTokers and get stitching. This will let your audience know that your brand has an active TikTok profile, and therefore will help you get more followers.
To get an idea of what exactly stitch to work is, check out this stitch video of Luisa Cosplay dance: 

TikTok influencer marketing

Sometimes, personal profiles on TikTok have a much larger audience than a brand, and such users often work with brands to create collaborative or sponsored content.

Thus, consider broadening your marketing strategy and allotting some of your budget to TikTok influencer marketing. 

You can also get lucky if people are mentioning your brand. However, the best way to work with this strategy is to reach out to influencers having a similar audience as yours and start working together. 

You can also post videos from your own TikTok feed, like Chipotle did here: 

Boost engagement

Once you learn about TikTok growth, you will realize that all the strategies for increasing followers are basically interrelated. The more you boost engagement, the more you get famous, and therefore, the more you attract people to your profile. 

But the question is, how to get TikTok famous? 

Cross-promote your videos to get your TikTok profile famous

There is definitely more to marketing than just TikTok. 

If you do not know this already, having a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that incorporates other social media platforms too is the real win. You are probably using platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for your brand already. Now, use these platforms to share your TikTok videos. 

Create and join TikTok challenges

TikTok challenges are one of the most popular formats on the platform and often make up a good slab of trending content at any given time. 

If you want to organically grow your followers on TikTok, consider taking part in challenges your audience is taking part in. 

Challenges are one more kind of TikTok’s video types. People love to hop on trending challenges and finding something that relates to your brand can be just another way to resonate with your followers. 

Have a look at how Reebok posted a creative version of a viral challenge on their own TikTok: 

FYP on TikTok

The For You (FYP) is the initial page where users land as they open the TikTok app. The viewers there get to see a curated feed of videos from creators they might not be following, but the algorithm of TikTok thinks they might like it based on their past interactions and interests. 

It is simply not enough to post good content and hope people will start following your brand. You need to get in front of substantial audiences and at the top of your potential followers’ minds – and alighting on the FYP can get you there. 

how to get on tiktok's fyp - arrow showing how to get to FYP

Including trending hashtags in your content makes it more likely to be picked up by the algorithm and, thus, increases your chances of hitting the FYP. Just like Instagram, TikTok hashtags too classify your content and increase your TikTok growth. Your aim should not be quantity, but quality. Choose 4-6 trending hashtags relevant to your content and increase your chances to hit the FYP. 

Post unique and better content

TikTok appreciates high-quality and engaging content. If your video receives a good reaction, it has a better chance of ending up on the FYP. But how to make sure your TikTok content is a cut above the rest? 

Firstly, the video and audio quality should be top-notch. Besides, unique content is essential to ensure your ideas stand out from the crowd. Although there are a lot of ways, using different backgrounds is the easiest way to make your posts unique. You can design your TikTok backgrounds on PosterMyWall and boost your likelihood to appear on the FYP. 

Get more TikTok followers with creativity and persistence

There is no time to waste as TikTok continues to increase its popularity. Using the strategies in this blog post, you should be well on your way to getting more followers, boosting engagement, and building an energetic community on the platform. 

Each of the above strategies is important, however, do not get overwhelmed. You do not have to implement them all at once. Start by focusing on the demands of your target audience, create high-quality content, and increase your followers instantly.