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PosterMyWall’s best of 2022: New feature round-up

As 2022 draws to a close, let’s take a stroll through our favorite new features released throughout this past year.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. With all the fun and useful feature releases based on your feedback throughout the year, it’s also a perfect time to revisit PosterMyWall in 2022. So, grab a cup of your hot beverage of choice and gear up for our 2022 new feature round-up!

1. Digital Signage partner integrations

We kicked off the year on a high note by collaborating with more digital signage partners for integrations with PosterMyWall. It’s now simpler than ever to create attractive and highly customizable digital displays to meet all your branding and marketing needs.

In January, we signed with the digital signage platform Yodeck, and held a live class with their brand ambassador to explain how to create and play professional digital display content.

This was followed by Vizrom joining our list of digital signage partners in March, and Fugo in April. Yodeck, Vizrom and Fugo joined our other digital signage partners:

Customers signed up with any of these platforms have a streamlined solution to creating and publishing their signage to their screens.

2. New color picker

An important tool for any designer, the color picker allows you to reuse a color already present in your design. This is a great tool to keep the colors on your designs consistent with each other.

Read this article to learn how to use the color picker.

3. Custom design sizes

While we offer dozens of pre-set design sizes to fit print and social media marketing, it’s essential to add and save custom sizes for individual uses.

Custom design sizes allow you to choose your own dimensions if the preset design dimensions are not appropriate for your project. Find out how to set custom dimensions here.

4. Quality of life improvements

As spring rolled in, we introduced several updates that elevate your designing experience on the site.

A revamped downloading experience

We streamlined our download menu to make it easier for you to share your designs seamlessly with your audience.

You can now find all our download and publish options in one convenient place.

Favorite templates

Some templates just stick in your mind forever. Well, now you can make them stick around in My Stuff with the new ‘Favorites’ tab.

Now, you can browse and save templates for later use without having to go to the hassle of opening each template in the editor.

Read more about the favorite templates feature here.

Multi-select in My Stuff

This is a nifty new feature which allows you to save time and effort by selecting multiple designs. You can multi-select to move or delete designs, keeping your My Stuff page organized.

Find out how to use this feature in this article.

5. Add your menus from Square into your designs

We fell into fall with a neat new update. With our Square integration, you can now import menu items directly from your Square account into the PosterMyWall editor. 

6. Brand Kits

We plunged headlong into summer with one of our biggest feature releases of the year: Brand Kits.

Brand Kits is our cool new Premium Plus feature which allows you to keep all your branding consistent across your promotional graphics. Keep your brand logos, brand colors, and brand fonts (also uploaded fonts) within one place. Add your branded content anywhere with just the click of a button.

Check out this article on how to build your own Brand Kit.

7. Email Marketing Platform

Email Maker (design)

Our second major summer feature release was the long-awaited and now beloved Email Maker.

This feature works much like the design editor, in that you can design beautiful, customizable emails from scratch or using templates within the Email Maker. Bring life to your emails with our gorgeous graphics and eye-catching animations.

Find out how to make the most of the Email Maker with this helpful guide.

Email campaigns (publishing)

The PosterMyWall Email Marketing Platform is an extension of the Email Maker, which allows you to send the emails you created in the Email Maker, and to measure their performance.

These twin releases were the high point of our year, transforming PosterMyWall into a complete marketing platform, by allowing you to design and publish your social media posts and email campaigns all from one place. 

Additionally, you can use the new Content Planner to plan and schedule your social media posts and email campaigns from one place.

8. The Draw tool

This new feature is geared towards the creatives within our community. Draw allows you to doodle, scribble and sketch over your designs within the editor.

Use the pencil, circle and spray brushes to give your designs something extra with these embellishments.

9. Content Planner

The holiday season is bound to be a busy one for most marketers. That’s why we released the efficient organizing tool, the Content Planner, in the beginning of December.

This Premium feature allows you to schedule and plan your social media posts and email campaigns seamlessly, making life easy for you as a marketing professional.

10. Text updates

Since we are always working to improve your experience within the editor, throughout the year, we introduced several text updates within the editor. These are the three main text updates.

Bulleted lists

These add a sleek, organized touch to your text, especially to lists.

Text outline

Add outlines to your text to make headings and CTAs stand out. Text outline can also be used with layout items such as menus and tables. You can adjust the color and thickness of outlines to customize them.

Font search and font categories

Search for your favorite fonts, or browse through various font categories to find what kind of style you’re looking for.

11. Stickers

Over the course of 2022, we added between 700 to 800 new stickers to the editor and Email Maker. Beautify your designs and emails with our vast collection of stickers in all imaginable categories.

Our favorite features

Drumroll. Time to discuss our personal all-time favorite features.

We’ve been loving these ever since they were launched, and since they’re some of our most popular features, it’s safe to say you have been, too.

1. Video slideshow

Make your designs come to life with image and video slideshows.

We love this feature because of all the different ways it can be used, be it for professional use like showing clients presentations, or fun uses like promoting a party.

2. One-click background remover

The crowd-pleaser, the magical background remove feature is one update many of us awaited with bated breath.

Now that it’s here, you can remove the background to any image or element you want to isolate with a simple click.

Tell us about your favorites

2022 has been a very happening year for PosterMyWall, and this lengthy list probably gives you an idea of how many things have been going on.

We’ve told you our favorite features, now how about you try some of them out and tell us yours?