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Artist Corner: GCP Media

Join us as we talk to Graham Ooko, a multi-talented graphic designer, about his design philosophy and promotion strategies.

Meet Graham Ooko, also known as GCP Media on PosterMyWall. Graham joined PosterMyWall two years ago, and in that time, has amassed an impressive and versatile design portfolio catering to diverse clients. A Kenya-based graphic designer, we talked to him about his design process and his take on how to promote your work effectively. Read on:

What’s a typical day at work for you?

During the day, I meet with clients or art directors to understand the vision and direction of their project. Clients share details such as logos, brochures, or other materials they want created. I try to ensure that I add value to a client’s vision and refine it for the best possible result. 

I also spend time researching and creating diverse and creative templates for PosterMyWall. There are many talented designers on the website to draw inspiration from as well. 

How did you decide to become a designer for PosterMyWall?

Being a designer with prior expertise, I was searching for a platform where I could produce and sell high quality designs easily. As a visual thinker, my strongest motivation is to conceptualize and produce creative artwork which also matches with the design universe in my head. 

That’s why when I learned about PosterMyWall, I immediately felt at home. It has all the tools I need to create what I envision. 

Any design preferences? 

I prefer designs that exude confidence. Particularly, I like modern marketing and advertising designs because the color, backdrop, and art style come together to create a clean and strong visual. As a result, modern design is great for convincing customers and encouraging them to embrace a brand. 

How can a designer promote their designs?

As a designer, promoting your designs is just as important as making them. In my experience, advertising designs on social media have been quite successful; Facebook posts with images receive greater interaction and reach more people. I also use popular image-focused sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat to showcase my creativity and designing expertise. 

Specifically, networking is essential to developing my brand. I reach out to people in the field and adjacent industries which helps me get recognised more. I inform my network about my graphic design firm and direct them to my PosterMyWall profile link so they may assess my portfolio. 

Plus, I like to establish a personal connection with clients. If they like my work, I contact them and ask if they are willing to provide referrals or reviews. Making these efforts can be very fruitful since clients may choose to deal with someone they already know rather than looking for a new designer.

Any marketing advice for new graphic designers?

For new graphic designers, I would suggest they tailor their social media efforts to their own goals and budget. If you don’t have the money to invest in advertising, you can still establish a sizable following and community by creating free accounts and constantly promoting them with appealing photographs and examples of your work. 

Thank you, Graham, for taking out the time to tell us about your design process! 

Have a look at more of Graham Ooko’s work on PosterMyWall from his designer profile. You can also head over to the designer leaderboard to check out more of our top designers.

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