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Make your text pop with new text outlines

Add emphasis to plain text using our newest text update: text outlines.

An essential marketing tip is catching the customer’s eye with your designs. While this is easy with graphics and images, working with text is trickier. Here’s a cool new way to ensure the text on your designs is just as eye-catching as the other elements you use: the all-new text outline.

How to add a text outline

Note: Text outline is available for plain text content only. 

It’s simple to add an outline to your text. Simply follow these steps.

1. Load your design

Open your in design in the PosterMyWall editor. Click a text item you’d like to edit. 

2. Select the text outline

On the right contextual menu, click the ‘Outline’ toggle right below the ‘Fill’ option to turn on the text outline for your selected text. 

3. Choose a fun color

Use the ‘Color’ box to select a fun outline color that will stand out to the reader.

4. Adjust thickness

Move the ‘Thickness’ slider from 0 to 100 to adjust the outline’s thickness, where 100 is the highest possible thickness. Choose an appropriate thickness so the outline complements the text rather than overpowering it.

And…you’re done! Get ready to wow your customers with your dazzling sale flyers and other promotional materials.

Use text outline with other text effects such as shadow, fill, background, and font styles to bring out its full potential.

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