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4 restaurant video marketing tactics for your eatery

Looking to promote your restaurant? Start with video marketing! Here’s a few ideas to help you elevate your restaurant with enticing restaurant videos for all purposes.

When you think of restaurant marketing, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is enticing food imagery. That tempting cheese pull from a slice of pizza, the condensation on a bottle of cold beer, the glistening glaze on top of a magnificent turkey dinner. For many of us, restaurant promotion directly translates to food. Which is exactly why it’s important for restaurant marketers to incorporate enticing visuals into their marketing campaigns. 

And when you’re looking for the right visuals, what’s better than a tempting restaurant video to add some life to your marketing? Restaurant videos are a fantastic way to showcase a restaurant’s ambiance, and promote its menu and special events. Whether you’re using a food video template to promote your signature dish, a video menu template to enhance your outlook, or some fancy digital signage to jazz up your restaurant atmosphere, videos will help you elevate your restaurant marketing. To get you started, we’ve compiled a few ways in which you can use restaurant video templates for your eatery. 

1) Create video menus

A good menu helps define the overall image of your restaurant. Your customers will judge you by your menu the same way people judge a book by its cover, which is why it’s important for you to put a lot of thought and effort into ensuring that your menu looks good and attracts the right audience towards your restaurant. 

Using a video menu will not only add life to your offerings but will also be a lot more unique than a traditional handheld menu card. You can put up your video menu on a screen in your restaurant and share it on social media regularly to engage your audience. 

2) Put your specials on display

Like all restaurants, you probably have a signature dish that you want everyone to look at and order instantly. And what’s the best way to promote that signature dish? Through enticing videos of course. It doesn’t matter if that dish is your signature butterbeer, or the best ravioli in town. A single enticing video displayed on your social media could draw in lots and lots of hungry – or thirsty – customers. Wendy’s does a great job of displaying their specials by creating this clever closeup video of their new Frosty flavor

The bubbling beer video below is a great example of how you can use restaurant videos to put your food and drinks on display for your customers. Try it out with your signature item to make your customers’ mouth water. 

3) Show your restaurant’s ambiance 

When marketing your restaurant, it’s important to remember that your overall ambiance is just as important as the food you serve. No one wants to eat a 5-star meal at a badly lit, unfurnished restaurant. People love aesthetically pleasing places, which is why you should show your restaurant’s ambiance every chance you get. 

Create videos to show what your restaurant looks like, how you’ve decorated it, and how your staff behaves on a normal day. Make sure to keep your video natural and candid, to avoid looking too posed and artificial. Integrate this video into a free restaurant promo video template from PosterMyWall and post it as a Facebook or Instagram story and add it to your highlights so people can go back to it any time they want. This clever video by Rancher’s Cafe does a great job of showcasing the restaurant’s interior, food, and vibe, all in one video. 

4) Provide a behind-the-scenes clip of the kitchen

What do people love more than good food? Looking at good food being prepared in meticulous ways. Give your customers a sneak peek into what goes on behind the scenes at your restaurant. This can include cooking demonstrations, interviews with your chefs, and a tour of your kitchen. You can even show a snippet of how your signature sauce is made or how your best dish is plated! Third Culture Cafe engages followers and customers with this mouthwatering behind the scenes video of how their affogato is made. 

Start restaurant video marketing now

Now that you have a good idea of how to incorporate restaurant video templates into your marketing campaign, you can start designing on creating your own. Go to PosterMyWall to get access to a wide range of enticing, mouth-watering food video templates to help you take your restaurant to the next level.