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Update your menu directly from Square POS

Read about our class where we show how PosterMyWall’s new integration with Square POS makes auto-updating menus a breeze.

Keeping your menus up-to-date is a major part of good restaurateuring. This can be frustrating if you have to key changes into your POS first, then have to make the same changes again in your menu design program.

Well, we’ve got thrilling news for you: PosterMyWall’s new integration with Square POS cuts out the extra step so you only have to add your changes once. 

Watch this video or continue reading to learn more:

1. Update your menu in Square

Start in your Square account.

Update your menu with your desired new menu item, description, or price change.

For the purpose of the demo, Lisa created a new item called ‘The Double-Double.’

Next, add the description, category, and price of your new menu item, and save it to add ‘The Double-Double’ to your list of menu items.

2. Sync the PosterMyWall menu maker with Square

Open the menu you want to update in PosterMyWall.

Click the menu to open the menu editor.

Once you’re inside the editor, click ‘Import from POS.’ 

The first time you do this, you will need to enter some information to link your Square account with PosterMyWall. You will now be able to see all the items you’ve input into Square, including the one you just added: ‘The Double-Double.’

Click ‘Select all,’ and then click ‘Import.’

All the items, including the new addition, are added to your menu item database inside of PosterMyWall. (A Square symbol next to an item identifies which items are synced with Square.)

Click on ‘The Double-Double’ on the list on the left to add it to the list of items that will appear on your menu. Drag and drop to put the items into the order you want them in.

Click the ‘Update menu’ button.

Now you can see your menu updated with your new item. Simple!

Update your menu by refreshing imports

Anytime you need to update your menu with something new, like a price change, you can click ‘Refresh imports’ on Square POS to get the job done.

We’ve updated the price of french fries to demonstrate.

1. Update the price in Square

 Save your update.

2. Sync the PosterMyWall menu maker with Square

Go back to PosterMyWall. Go to edit.

This time, all you need to do is click ‘Refresh imports.’

You will see the price of the ‘Classic Fries’ has been updated.

3. Download or export your updated menu

After saving your work, you can download a graphic or video file (MP4, GIF, JPG, PDF), or publish your design (to social media, as an email campaign, to digital signage, or embed it on your webpage).

Our new integration: An unbelievably easy way to update your menu

The new PosterMyWall-Square POS integration is a great and easy way to update, add, or delete, a price, description, or menu item in a snap.

Try it out and let us know what you think!