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6 St. Patrick’s Day party planning tips that are pure gold!

Planning a St. Patrick’s Day party? Try out these party planning tips to give your guests the true Irish experience.

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and we’re ready to break out our green party hats! St. Patrick’s Day is all about parades, celebrations, and lots of fun parties! Not only is it a fabulous excuse to get together with your loved ones for a fun soiree, it’s also a great way to learn about and appreciate Irish culture. And if it’s your turn to host a St. Patrick’s Day party this year, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to throw the perfect Irish dinner! If you’re worried about how to go about it, sit back and relax. We’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you out. 

1. Go all out with the green! 

One of the first things you need to do when planning a party is to figure out a theme. Luckily, with St. Patrick’s Day, you already have a theme set out for you: green! The color green is one of the most recognizable symbols of St. Patrick’s Day, and you can use it to your heart’s content in all your party decor. Incorporate this color into your dinner party by choosing green plates, napkins, and tablecloths. You can also add green candles or green flowers to your centerpiece. If you want to go all out, you can even ask your guests to wear green attire to the party. 

2. Plan out and publish a traditional Irish-themed menu card

If you’re throwing an Irish-themed dinner party, you need to have a traditional Irish menu. It’s important to make sure you offer the best kind of food to your guests at your dinner party, and Irish food is the best way to go. Irish cuisine is comforting, hearty, filling, and perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Here are some traditional Irish food items you can easily make at home and serve to your guests:

  1. Shepherd’s Pie
  2. Corned Beef
  3. Irish Soda Bread
  4. Irish Apple Cake

Once you have a set menu of traditional Irish food items, you can take your dinner party decor up a notch by creating and printing out a custom St. Patrick’s Day party menu. Add all of your dinner items to the menu card, make it look pretty with some green St. Patrick’s Day elements, and print out a bunch of copies to place on top of each dinner place setting for a truly phenomenal dinner experience. 

3. Put up some shamrockin’ decorations

No party is complete without the themed decor. And what better time for themed decor than St. Patrick’s Day? You can really transport your guests to Ireland by adding some Irish-themed decorations to your party venue. Hang shamrocks, leprechauns, or Irish flags around the room. You can also place a pot of gold (chocolate coins or gold-wrapped candy) at the center of the table or on a mantel. 

These decorations will not only set the mood for your party, but will also add to the authentic St. Patrick’s Day experience you want to create for your guests. 

4. Plan out some fun Irish games

You can’t have a party without fun games. All parties should have exciting activities to keep your guests engaged, and, during times when you have new guests over, act as ice breakers between people. Lucky for you, Irish games are the perfect way for you to do that. 

While you can go ahead and plan out a bunch of fun traditional Irish games like Housie or Irish Bingo, Hot Potato, and more, you can even go the more simple route and set up games like darts, which actually originated in Ireland. 

To do this, you can set up a party station separately if your venue is big enough, or even just call all your guests to the living room after dinner is over and set up some comfy cushions on the floor for some fun games. You can set up a dartboard on a blank wall and even set up fun small prizes for people who win the games. 

5. Create and send out custom St. Patrick’s Day party invites

Is it really a themed party if your invitations aren’t on brand as well? Remember that your invitations set the tone for how fun your party will be. If your invitation is fun and engaging, it’ll make people want to attend your party.

So why not go all out with your St. Patrick’s Day party invitations? Go to PosterMyWall and pick out the perfect St. Patrick’s Day party flyer to match your themed dinner. Hop onto the editor to make personalized changes. Play around with Irish themed elements. Add all relevant information about your party, including your venue details, timings, and any other specifications the guests need to know. 

Once your invitations are ready, you can send them out to your guests directly through a mailing list from the PosterMyWall editor, print them out to send them physically, or even publish them directly to your social media platforms to reach out to a bigger audience. 

6. End the night with Irish-themed party favors 

To thank your guests for coming to your St. Patrick’s Day dinner party, give them a small party favor on their way out at the end of the night. You can give out shamrock-shaped cookies, Irish chocolate, or a small bottle of Irish whiskey in a small green goodie bag. Another option is to give out a small packet of shamrock seeds, which can be planted in the garden as a reminder of the fun evening. These party favors will not only be well-received by your guests but will also serve as a memorable token of the super fun night everyone had, and will make sure your party is the talk of not just this, but every St. Patrick’s Day! 

Set up your St. Patrick’s Day party now!

We’ve given you all of our special tricks and tips for the perfect Irish-themed St. Patrick’s Day party. Now it’s your turn to take the lead. Follow these super fun, super easy tips to throw the ultimate dinner party this St. Patrick’s Day and get ready to have a shamrockin’ time.