6 class schedule templates you should try for your classroom today

A classroom schedule is necessary but can sometimes be repetitive and boring. So here are 15 classroom schedule templates that can add more personality to your weekly schedule.

Whether you are a student or a teacher, having a schedule is an absolute must to keep track of your weekly objectives. Many teachers use schedules to announce to their students what is coming up ahead and to ensure that they are not overlooking any essential topics or redoing any old ones. But looking at the same old schedule every week can be rather boring, so it is a good idea to add a little flair to your classroom schedule with these class schedule templates.

Try these class schedule ideas

Pay homage to school in school

This category might be a bit more on the nose, but it adds character to your schedule. 

Since chalk and blackboards are not nearly as common, paying a little tribute to them can be fun. This template’s font and overall look make it unique and somewhat nostalgic. It can also be eye-catching for younger students who have not seen a lot of blackboards. 

Unlike the previous template, you can print out this schedule and write on it independently. It can be used as a personal schedule and add important notes during the week.

Pastels are always a good choice

No one can deny how beautiful this template is. It looks like a painting and can be a great addition to your classroom. If you hand it out to your students, they will not want to lose it. This template also offers a lot of space to add notes. 

This template features various pastel colors while still being toned down. The doodles and fonts add more character, making it muted but interesting. You can even color code assignments based on the colors in the template. 

You can use this template if you want to hand out class schedules to your students, as it clearly states whose class schedule this is and the subject they teach. The pastel pink background will make any text stand out but give a relaxing and pleasing look to the overall schedule. 

Add relevant visuals to represent your class

Similar to templates that pay homage to school, these templates are also a reminder of school. But such templates are more personalized and have a little more character. 

This template allows you to use photographs that can be eye-catching and also work as a great way to teach students new things outside the classroom. So it is a multipurpose template; you can change the photos according to your subject and change them weekly. 

This template can work well for younger classes as it is more animated. The dark background really makes the visuals and the text stands out. It is a fascinating template visually, and you can add even more stickers to personalize it. 

No one can ignore cute animal animations

This template, too, works well for a younger class. The animals can also be used for teaching purposes, and you can ask kids to identify the animals. Despite there being a lot of visual elements, the font still stands out. Due to uniqueness, you can expect children to take care of this schedule if you hand it out. 

This template is adorable, and the animated cats are difficult to ignore. This simple and beautiful template allows you to add a lot of text daily. The cats also add a relaxing effect, so they help alleviate some stress people might have by looking at a hectic schedule.

Use contrast to make the schedule stand out

If you plan on printing out one large poster for your schedule, a school schedule template with contasting colors and a white area to write in can be a perfect fit. This template has a lot of space for text and has a clean and beautiful look. 

Relative to the previous design, this one is less formal and has more elements. It still has a dark background, so the white part is visible, but the overall look of the template is more artistic. The font is also cursive, adding more beauty to the overall look. 

Maybe a minimalistic schedule is your thing

A monochromatic schedule like this is beautiful and formal and can work well for anyone who likes such an aesthetic. You can also use it if you have to submit your schedule to your school administration as it looks professional. 

Customize classroom schedule template.

This template allows you to schedule things for not just one, but two weeks. You can easily print it out and place it in your class. It has a chic and clean look, and you can even add shadows to the notes to make the schedule look more 3-dimensional. 

Customize class schedule template.

This template is simple but still charming. You can either type on it or print it out and then write on it using various colors. This template can work for students and teachers both. The simple background makes sure that the text stands out easily.

Liven up your classroom with these class schedule templates today!

Whether you are looking to hand out these schedules or simply place them in class, you should try to add as much personality to it as possible. A well put together class schedule is bound to show to your students and colleagues that you put in a lot of love and effort in everything you do. These can also act as collectibles for your students and something they can keep even after they have graduated from your class.