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6 LinkedIn post ideas to help your business stay relevant

Looking for tips on how to increase LinkedIn engagement? Try out these LinkedIn post ideas and keep your profile up-to-date at all times.

When it comes to building connections in the professional world, we all know LinkedIn is the place to go. Over time, LinkedIn has established itself as the online platform for professional discourse, job-hunting, career growth, and networking. If you own or work for a small business, you probably already have an established LinkedIn page, and you’ve probably sent out a few connection requests too. 

But how do you ensure that other professionals out there are also noticing your LinkedIn profile? What kind of content is relevant enough to catch the eye of other businesses, prospective customers, and even potential employees? Posting regularly is a reliable way of getting attention on LinkedIn. 

Seems simple enough, right? In all honesty, coming up with the right LinkedIn post ideas can be tricky. You need to be constantly aware of current trends, make sure your content is appropriate, and maintain a decent tone. But luckily, it helps to use tools like PosterMyWall and its wide range of LinkedIn post templates, Linkedin career cover photos, and other Linkedin post ideas for small businesses. To help you grow your LinkedIn audience, we’ve compiled a list of Linkedin post ideas you can use with ease! 

Showcase your expertise

As a budding business owner, you’re probably an expert on a lot of things. And LinkedIn is the perfect place to show your expertise. If you’re a tech expert, fill your LinkedIn with relevant insights. If you’ve developed a new product, offer ways in which that product could benefit users. Amazon Web Services does a great job of selling their services through educating the masses on LinkedIn. They talk about the latest technology, offer industry insights, and have established themselves – and their LinkedIn –  as the go-to resource for anyone who is interested in their industry or product. 

Advertise your openings

LinkedIn isn’t just useful for building a professional network; it also works as a great recruitment platform. Every person looking for a job is probably going through LinkedIn right now. So if you’re looking to hire, you need to make sure your professional network knows about it. 

Put up hiring-related cover photos every once in a while to make sure people know you’re openly recruiting. Not only will this open up a fresh pool of recruits for you, but there’s a bigger chance they’ll be better suited for you. After all, they found you specifically through your super-curated LinkedIn profile! 

Use personalized career cover photos

The first and most important thing you need to post is a personalized LinkedIn career cover photo that accurately represents your business. Why is this important? You probably already know how often people judge a book by its cover. And when it comes to LinkedIn, your cover photo is your book cover. Your prospective customers, employees, and other professionals are going to get a good view of what you represent through your cover photo. 

To really make an impression, pick out a LinkedIn career cover photo template from PosterMyWall and edit it to fit in your brand colors, brand logo, and your catchiest slogan. This way, you’ll be telling people everything they need to know about you in a single, effective snapshot. 

Market your product 

This might sound basic, but sometimes, you would be surprised by the number of serious product inquiries you could get over LinkedIn. Which is why it’s a great place for you to market your product from time to time. 

On LinkedIn, you need to be smart about marketing your product. This simple how-to video by Upwork on how to use their platform to hire freelance talent is a great example of simple, effective LinkedIn marketing. Don’t add too many extra details. Don’t make it too flashy. Keep it to-the-point, simple, and effective, like the service offering in the LinkedIn post template below. 

Experiment with videos

When it comes to engaging content, we all love videos a lot more than images. There’s just something very captivating about video content that captures your audience’s attention. And if you want that to happen, you need to extend your video content strategy to LinkedIn too. 

For instance, if you’re a travel company looking to advertise your offers, a fun video like the one below would be much more exciting for viewers than a static image of your best travel packages. 

Give your team some recognition

As we’ve said before, LinkedIn is all about networking and professional development. So why not give your best employees some well-deserved recognition on the platform too? Posting about your employees not only shows them you care about their achievements, but also allows them to be recognized by other industry professionals. You can do this in a number of ways. Create a birthday recognition post for a prized employee like this LinkedIn post expressing gratitude to a colleague. Or you can create a general visual post, showing your team and expressing in brief but effective ways how valuable they are to your brand, like in the graphic shown below. 

Share news, insights and infographics 

One of the most important things to be on LinkedIn is well-informed. Remember that you’re an industry expert, and it is your duty to be up-to-date on all news, information, and updates that are relevant to the work you do. 

Make sure to share relevant information and news on LinkedIn whenever you can. This post by Taskrabbit on surveys regarding changes in home decor shows how to find and share relevant information that excites their professional audience. 

Engage your audience through polls

Polls aren’t just for Facebook groups and Instagram stories. You can post interesting polls on LinkedIn too and get intriguing responses from your audience. This information can help you look into consumer insights while also keeping your page relevant. 

Upwork does a great job of this by posting polls that are seemingly casual, asking customers how they have benefitted from recruiting freelancers. Through this, they not only engage their audience, but also get relevant data on what their customers are looking for. You can do the same by posting fun polls that also allow you to gather relevant information and make use of these insights to further your business. 

Jazz up your LinkedIn profile today!

The above tips are just some of the ways you can keep your LinkedIn active and relevant. But PosterMyWall has a lot more to offer. So, if you’re looking for ideas for your LinkedIn profile, check out the wide range of LinkedIn content ideas here.