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Best PosterMyWall features to upgrade your Halloween promotions

Want to make spook-tacular Halloween promotions? Here’s a crash course on all of PosterMyWall’s exciting design tools.

Spooky season is back! It only makes sense to market your business far and wide when people are on a roll with their spending. But to make a business boo-m, you need to invest time and energy in attractive marketing. This blog will run you through the best PosterMyWall features you can easily get the hang of to make your Halloween promotions stand out. Convenience is the key! 

Brand Kits to create Halloween specific content

One of the most important things for any business small or large, is to always stay on brand. It looks unprofessional when your brand is all over the place, with no set color scheme and no branding guidelines. 

While it is super easy to use online templates, it often becomes difficult to maintain consistency in your designs. Colors need to be the exact same shade, right down to the hex code. Creating Brand Kits is an extremely convenient feature that PosterMyWall has. Here are the branding details it lets you add to your kit:

  • Logo 
  • Brand colors
  • Fonts 

Once you have uploaded your business logo, selected the exact shades of your brand color, and picked all of the fonts specific to your brand, you can name your Brand Kit. Naming will help you find it easily when you need to incorporate it in templates. 

How will this make your life easier? The Brand Kit, once set up, will give you easy access to the basics of what your posts and flyers should look like. You won’t have to go back and forth copying color hex codes or memorizing font names. Once you find a template you want to customize, you can directly access your Brand Kit to make changes within seconds. 

It helps to have different Brand Kits for different campaigns. Halloween posts and flyers will definitely have a different feel to them compared to the Christmas ones, and you can reflect this in your Brand Kits. Pick spooky fonts and colors and get to work on your fun Halloween promotion ideas.

Tear-off tabs to share contact information with flyers

You may have seen some notice board flyers having little slips of paper hanging at the bottom with contact information on them, ready to be torn off by someone. We call this quirky feature a tear-off tab and it’s a very simple way to encourage interested people to reach out.

PosterMyWall lets you add tear-off tabs to your Halloween flyers simply by going to the ‘Layout’ option. Add your tear off tabs, select how many you want, which contact details you want to write, and what font suits your needs. You want to use clear and legible fonts when it comes to important details like phone numbers or email addresses.

After your Halloween flyers have been printed out, make sure you cut along the dotted lines so that people can easily tear off the tabs and save your details for later. This is extremely handy for people constantly on the go who don’t have the time to wait and manually enter a number in their phone. 

The best part is if you happen to like a template that doesn’t have tear-off tabs on its own, you can easily add the feature yourself. Customize as much as you would like! 

Explore our cliparts library  

You have your Brand Kit ready, you’ve added your silly little Halloween marketing puns, now what else could you include to make a memorable promotion? The answer is graphics. 

PosterMyWall’s clipart library is a one stop solution to all the intricate details you need to add to your posters and flyers. Instead of individually downloading and adding graphics from another website, just search it up on PosterMyWall, surf through hundreds of fun options, and pick whatever suits you. Be it witches, bats, skeletons, or ghosts, the library is packed with clipart. Your Halloween designs will definitely look ten times better than before. 

Stickers for days!

Much like clipart (but a lot more fun), stickers are also a great way to amp up your Halloween promotions. These motion graphics are a wonderful way to retain a customer’s attention. 

What would you be more likely to remember – A picture of a witch or a fun sticker showing a witch swooping in on her broomstick with bats flying in the background? Most probably the latter, and we know it. 

You also want to make sure you don’t overdo it. Stickers are fun but adding too many stickers to your promotion will make it seem busy and crowded, distracting people from the main purpose of the promotion itself. Create a balance between the clipart and stickers you use and remember that sometimes less is more. 

Add a scannable QR code

You’ve added the tear-off tabs for the busy people who are on the move, but there’s also another way to cater to them. With an increased dependency on basically anything digital, QR codes have started to become a staple in online and in-person promotions.

PosterMyWall lets you easily add customized QR codes to your Halloween posters and flyers. All you have to do is link it to your website and your unique QR code will be generated. 

QR codes let people scan the code with their phone’s camera so that they are redirected to your business’ website. One thing you can be sure of is that people protect their phones with their lives, so you know that the scanned QR code won’t get misplaced like a paper flyer. 

This also helps keep the design minimal. A simple scannable code can carry all the wordy information for you. In case a template doesn’t already have a QR, remember that everything is customizable. Just add your own! You can watch these videos to understand how easy it is to create a QR code and then add it to the design you have chosen. 

Wrapping it up

Halloween season is prime time for businesses because people are happy to spend and ready to spook! You need to make the most of this opportunity by planning your marketing well in advance. 

Your marketing needs to look professional and on brand always. Running a business means having your hands full most of the time, so PosterMyWall is an extremely useful tool to explore for a long term marketing solution. 

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