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World Tourism Day roadmap: 15 winning social media strategies

Hit the road with creative social media ideas and promote your travel business in time for World Tourism Day.

If you’re running a travel business, you’re probably gearing up to celebrate World Tourism Day. Celebrated on September 27th each year, it’s a fantastic opportunity to inspire your customers to book their next trip! 

But what is World Tourism Day? The international tourism industry and community is massive, which is exactly what World Tourism Day is meant to encompass. Its mission, as set by the United Nations, is to raise awareness of all the impact tourism creates across the globe. This means, taking a deeper look into how tourism affects social, cultural, political and economic values, and how we can progress towards positive and sustainable tourism goals. 

Whether you’re a travel agency, a tour organizer/operator, or a travel blogger, this day is just right to connect with your followers and inspire their wanderlust. We’ve compiled a few World Tourism Day social media posts ideas you can use to promote your travel business. Ready to get started? You’ve landed at the right destination! 

1- Inspire your audience with bucket lists

Everyone has a travel bucket list they’re waiting to tick off. What are some popular bucket list items you’ve come across before? It can range from hot air balloon rides, scuba diving, a cruise, or even just relaxing on a beautiful beach! 

Share posts with bucket list items ticked off along with exciting pictures and videos of how you can make it happen for your customers. Check out this short video on a classic Swiss experience by Tripadvisor:

Most importantly, make sure your travel posts are eye-catching and ones your audience will be tempted to click. Customize travel poster templates according to your aesthetic and promote your must-book bucket list items. 

2- Destination spotlights 

This is the moment your most prized destination deals take the stage. Is there a destination your customers absolutely love and highly recommend others to try? Post stunning pictures and videos of some of your favorite travel destinations that you would encourage your customers to explore and book. 

Make it even more exciting by adding customer testimonials along with your posts. This helps to build credibility for your business and would give your customers that extra push to take you up on your offer!

Don’t forget about distributing flyers and posters as well – they can go a long way in spreading reach and an important way for customers to contact you. You can easily customize flyer templates online with your information and have them ready to hand out in no time!

Hype up your audience with short spotlight reels like this:

3- Offer local options 

Travelling doesn’t always have to be about booking a high-budget international trip. In fact, you can help your followers discover local hidden gems right in your city. Even if they’re popular tourist attractions, you can create experiences to enjoy these local spots in a unique way. 

Think about offering day trips, or walking tours that would help people enjoy your city in a different light. Plus, since you’re the expert in your area, you can sprinkle in some local tips and tricks too! 

Check out this video of how simply renting a Kombi for a day can invent a whole new way of experiencing local spots:

4- Travel tips 

An essential for World Tourism Day social media posts – travel tips are always appreciated, especially for your customers who are visiting a destination for the first time. You can compile useful advice, packing hacks, safety advice and must-haves with Instagram carousel posts to help prepare your followers for their next adventure! 

5- Host a giveaway

This one is recommended most for promoting your travel agency; a special giveaway would be an irresistible offer for your followers. The giveaway can range from travel accessories, bags, or even tickets to a prized spot! 

Generate buzz by posting across your social media platforms and encourage your customers to tag their friends and family to participate. Not only will these increase your follower count, but your audience will love you for it. 

6- Travel Influencer partnerships 

Travel influencers make it so much easier to plan a trip. You’ll often find reels by influencers  simplifying the whole process of booking a trip- from researching activities, packing, food spots to visit, to travel options. This could be exactly what your audience needs as motivation. 

In fact, travel influencers play a huge role in educating and encouraging people to explore travel options in a very accessible way. Consider partnering with a few influencers on Instagram that match your travel business niche and request them to share their top recommendations and deals from your business. 

See how this travel enthusiast shares her top Chicago food spots recommendations:

7- Virtual tours 

Take your followers on a journey, but from home! Virtual tours are a great way to offer a taste of adventure for your followers. You can do this by uploading travel diaries on YouTube and Facebook, and even short reels on Instagram highlighting must-see spots and destinations. 

Travel diaries also add a personal touch to your content, making it more memorable. Encourage your staff or customers to share their favorite videos of their travel experience. You can even add in some how-to guides and top travel tips along the way.

8- Travel playlist 

No trip is complete without the perfect soundtrack. Curate a Spotify or Apple Music playlist with songs that capture the essence of wanderlust. Make it extra special by creating playlists for different locations! 

For example, a more adventurous trip can feature high-energy songs and beats, whereas a relaxing trip by the coastline can have more mellow tunes. If your travel business hosts tours, these playlists would come in handy to keep spirits and energies high.

9- Travel challenges 

An interesting way to spice up your travel content is to share small challenges. Not only is this a way to get more engagement, but also inspires your audience to seek new experiences.

You can launch challenges like:

  • Try a new food you’ve never had before
  • Share a photo with a breath-taking backdrop
  • Explore the city without a map and see what you discover!
  • Take a selfie with a stranger
  • Go on a bike tour
  • Order a meal at a restaurant speaking in the local language

 This would make for great content that you can share on your social media stories from people all over the world, and encourage people to make more travel memories. 

10- Travel blog posts 

Travel blogging can do a lot for promoting your travel business. Blogs are the perfect space to provide more in-depth information, share personal experiences, and engage your audience in a more meaningful way. 

You can:

  • Publish destination guides with top attractions, local cuisines and cultural insights.
  • Write itinerary ideas outlining day-to-day activities. Your audience will thank you for it!
  • Hidden gems: write about off-the-beaten-path destinations that offer incredible adventures
  • Local travel options: what are the best public transport options?

This is just a starting point. By consistently updating your travel blog and more importantly, publishing them on your social media platforms, you can attract a loyal audience group eager to book their next adventure with you! 

See how this influencer shares a whole day’s itinerary in a short reel:

Try out some of these templates to promote your travel itineraries:

11- Solo travel 

Let’s not forget about those gearing up for solo journeys. Planning a trip for one person is vastly different from a group traveling together. Help out solo travelers by curating the perfect itineraries of solo-friendly destinations with tips on safety, activities to try, places to stay, budget-friendly travel, and must-visit cultural events. 

Consider posting motivational posts such as this:

12- Seasonal travel 

Seasonal travel marketing is a must for any travel business. Most often people plan their holidays around popular seasons such as summer trips to coastal countries, winter getaways for snow and skiing, and more. 

Identify popular seasonal travel destinations your customers are interested in and inspire them with social media posts on how they can make their seasonal escape one to remember. Take a look at this Fall inspired reel about Amsterdam:

Bonus tip: Popular travel seasons like the summer months are also a great time to launch deals and discounts. You can offer group deals or discounts for couples to drive your sales! Try out these templates:

13- Travel photography tips

You might have heard the phrase “pics or it didn’t happen”. And yes, it definitely applies most to travel! Photos and videos are the perfect way to remember one’s special travel moments and memories, and a great addition for your World Tourism Day social media posts.

Offer photography tips via social media such as the perfect way to pose with monuments, how to capture natural landscapes, camera settings for lighting etc. Even better, you can encourage your audience to share their stunning travel snapshots for a chance to be featured on your social media! 

You can also offer filters and presets like this:

13- Local culture and cuisine

Some may argue that food is the most important component of any trip (we might be “some” of them 😅).  In fact, food and local cuisine plays a huge part in making the decision of where to travel – why not help out your audience by posting food guides encapsulating all the best local food options of your travel destinations? 

Go a step further by sharing articles about unique dishes, food/wine tours, history behind staple dishes, and encourage your audience to immerse themselves in the full travel experience. 

14- Travel resources 

Possibly one of the most useful things to have in your hand is a list of travel resources. Share helpful apps and websites your customers can use to make their travel easier and stress-free. These include:

  • Booking apps for hotels, bus/train tickets, and other local travel options
  • Travel planning apps for itineraries
  • Budgeting apps to keep a track of your spending
  • Translation apps for foreign countries

Which apps have you tried and would recommend? Share them with your customers! 

15- Travel safety 

Taking the extra step and being mindful about traveling safely is often overlooked amidst the excitement of going on a trip. Your audience will surely appreciate you looking out for them by offering safety tips to make note of while traveling. 

Offer advice on travel insurance, health precautions, and emergency contacts. This helps build credibility and foster trust in your business. 

Let’s take off ✈️

World Tourism Day presents a golden opportunity for your travel business to connect with your audience, and showcase your passion for exploration. You can try out these creative World Tourism Day ideas to make the most of this occasion. 

Creating travel content can be a really fun experience especially by experimenting with different kinds of content and ideas. So, start planning your World Tourism Day social media campaign today, and let the adventure begin!