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How to add a QR code image to your flyer

Add scannable QR code images to your flyers and elevate your marketing game.

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a machine readable code that can store URLs or other information in it. You can scan it with your smartphone camera and instantly get redirected to the link stored in the code. Add QR codes to flyers to allow potential customers to go to your website or social media. 

They’re easy to scan and make it so much easier to share so much information in such little space.

How do I add a QR code to my design?

PosterMyWall has a free QR code maker among its many features. Here’s how you can add them to your flyer templates in a few easy steps:

  1. Open the design editor and click on “Elements” in the left selection bar.
  2. Click in “QR code”.
  3. A contextual design menu will open on the right side. Enter the link you want to convert into a QR code under the “QR content” option. Your QR code will instantly appear on your design. 
  4. Select the color you want your QR code to be. 
  5. Resize and position it on your design. 
  6. Your QR code image is ready to be scanned!

What can I use it for?

Adding a QR code can instantly boost your marketing game. Let’s face it, people are always on the go and never actually remember contact information or website names. QR codes let you store the information you think is important for people to have, and it does it so easily too. 

People can simply scan the code using their phone’s camera, or take a picture of it for later. 

Here’s a list of assets you can link to your QR code:

Your website or landing page

This will help you get more web traffic and increase brand visibility. 

Direct them to download your app 

More often than not, having an app makes a customer’s life a hundred times easier. Add a scannable QR code that links people to your app so that they can download it immediately instead of searching it up and getting confused by so many similar apps. 

View business location on Google maps 

Adding the exact pinned location on Google Maps can save people lots of time and energy that they would have spent roaming around cluelessly. 

Restaurant menus

Many restaurants have started using contactless restaurant menus. They can prop up a QR code on their tables for the customers to scan and view the menu on their phones.

Discount codes and vouchers

Grocery stores, ecommerce platforms, and even small businesses use this one a lot. Easily redirect customers to vouchers which they probably would have misplaced if it had been a physical one instead. You also save up on printing costs for voucher prints. 

Many businesses add QR codes to their business cards, flyers, or posters, so that customers can instantly access their instagram or other social media accounts. Instagram is often the first platform people search up businesses on and with so many usernames, it’s easy to get misled. A QR code will make sure things don’t get lost in translation. 

Phone number or email address

Add contact information to link customers to you directly. Some QR codes can also let customers directly see your phone number dialed in. All they have to do is hit the call button!

Wifi network

Another great use case in restaurants and cafes, prop up a scannable QR code that connects customers to the Wifi network and saves them the trouble of manual typing or asking around. 


If you have a business that revolves around certain schedules and timings, you can link your weekly schedules to a QR code and have it ready to scan at the counter or on your social media accounts.

Resumes and CVs

There are many creative ways to present a resume, and a QR code is one of them. Saves lots of time and paper, and makes it less likely for your CV to get lost. 

Surveys for reviews or feedback

Link it to a Google form or survey asking customers for feedback. It’s much more efficient than handing out physical feedback cards.

Product information 

Instead of listing out all the product information in microscopic font at the back of the label, just add a QR code!

Wrapping it up

QR codes are a simple and highly efficient tool you can use to elevate your marketing game and get measurable results. Make things easier for yourself and your customers, one QR code at a time.