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20+ Secret Santa gift ideas for your event

The holiday season is back. From practical gifts to a funny pair of socks, these Secret Santa gift ideas will be a hit with your colleagues and friends.

It is time for the holidays to roll around. Whether it is family parties, a white elephant, or a Secret Santa Exchange, gifting is pretty much a necessity. You may already have several things in mind about how to organize Secret Santa. However, this event can be challenging when it comes to gifts. 

Everyone is looking to find the perfect Secret Santa gift exchange ideas. You are likely on a budget, and you probably don’t know much about the recipient. You may also not want to take the easy way out and just buy a box of chocolates. Thus, all of this will increase your chances of spending a good chunk of your holidays stressing out about Secret Santa gift ideas. 

However, we can make your Secret Santa a little less stressful. Regardless of whom you are shopping for – a best friend or a discerning boss – there are plenty of Secret Santa gift ideas that are sure-fire winners and will make your Christmas shopping a fun process. 

So have a cup of hot chocolate ready along with some cookies, sit back, and check out our list of 20+ gift ideas for your Secret Santa event. 

1) The Holiday Spirit Box

The holiday spirit box is a perfect gift set to express gratitude and appreciation to your team. It includes a wireless speaker, a wine, a camping mug, a scented candle, a gradient puzzle, and other customizable swag. It is a Secret Santa gift that your fellows can enjoy with their family and friends.

Source: Snacknation

2) Wearable Blanket

A wearable blanket is one of the best Secret Santa Gifts. It is comfortable, cozy, and a versatile blanket that can also be worn like a coat. This Secret Santa gift is more than just a throw blanket. It is perfect to be used as an extra layer for anyone who wants to stay warm or wrap up while watching TV. This bestseller is great for professionals who work from home – as they never have to worry about being cold again. 

Source: Snacknation

3) Engraved Pencil Set

An engraved pencil set is one of the cheapest Secret Santa gift ideas for your coworkers. It doesn’t matter if they type notes or take them by hand, these engraved pencils are just plain cool. These pencil sets come in a variety of different themes – from motivational words to references from movies. They will for sure make putting together a to-do list a lot more fun. 

Source: Hubspot

4) Printed Socks

There is nothing better than a great pair of socks, right? Everyone needs them, and there is a wide variety available that you can easily find a pair for every and any personality. 

Have some pizza lovers in the office? The pepperoni-clad socks pair would make the perfect Secret Santa Gift. 

Source: Hubspot

5) Waterproof Notepad

You never know when your next idea is going to strike. In fact, people often get the best ideas when they are in the shower. 

Gift a waterproof notepad to anyone whose job is to think of creative ideas. This will allow them to jot down important notes in the shower before they slip out of their minds. 

Source: My Aqua Notes

6) Cord Keeper

Although technology is pushing us in the direction of a wireless world, we all have still got a charging cord or a pair of standard headphones we keep holding on to. 

These cord keepers exist to help us keep our USB chords, headphones, and other necessary wires nice and neat. Gift them to your mate who is a bit more into tech and wires.

Source: Vera Bradley

7) Portable Power Bank

Smartphones are not the only devices that need batteries. Professionals often require tablets, laptops, and smartwatches to be charged at all times. Especially those who work remotely or travel frequently. 

A portable power bank serves as a solution for essential devices in danger of low batteries. Get a power bank equipped with micro-USB, USB-C, and Lightning-compatible cable and gift it to someone who is a bit more into the tech world. It will let them charge their devices easily wherever they go. 

Source: Vera Bradley

8) Cork Camper Mug

A Cork Camper Mug is a stainless steel mug. It is an amazing Secret Santa gift for anyone who loves to drink their coffee in style. It has vacuum insulation that keeps the beverage cold or hot all day long. The mug comes with a signature synthetic cork base and a clear push-on lid. 

Whether you are buying this Mug for yourself or as a gift for a coworker, it will make your drinks enjoyable every day of the year. If you are a last-minute shopper, the Cork Camper Mug is your go-to gift. 

Source: Swag

9) Custom Earflap Beanie

The Secret Santa ideas you think of get better when they are winter-related. A Custom Earflap Beanie is a perfect winter accessory for someone who wants to stay warm and look good. You can even customize it with knitting or a funny design. 

Have coworkers and employees warm up this winter by giving them a gift of coziness and style. They will thank you all season long when they do not have to worry about their ears on those cold nights. 

Source: Swag

10) Tech Cloth

Between dust, oil, smudges, and spills, our devices take a beating. However, with a smart tech cloth on hand, you can polish up the screen on your tablet, mobile phone, or computer without worrying about scratching the surface. Gift it to someone a little clumsy to help them keep their devices clean. 

Source: Toddy Gear

11) Wine Infused Coffee 

Gift hunting for a coffee lover who also drinks wine? Why not get a bag of Merlot-infused coffee beans? 

Get this unique Secret Santa gift that any adventurous coffee enthusiast will love. With 100% arabica beans, aged in oak wine barrels, this brew will serve as the perfect post-meal treat. 

12) Esthetician Coloring Book

Coloring is not just for children anymore. Believe it or not, a coloring hobby brings more than a dose of nostalgia. Adult coloring books are believed to relieve stress. 

There are a large variety of coloring books to choose from. Get a book that supports relaxation and meditation. Trust us, your stressed-out mate will be so thankful. 

Source: Indigo

13) Mercury Candle

There is nothing better than coming home to a yummy scented candle. They smell like heaven and are extremely long-lasting. It is a sure sign of sweater weather. Plus, this seasonal candle is the perfect celebration of togetherness and coziness. 

Whether you are buying this gift for someone new to the world of candles or an expert – this is a great Secret Santa gift for anyone who loves candles.

Source: Indigo

14) Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Water is a daily essential. But why not drink water with style? Get a stainless steel water bottle and let your recipient enjoy their drink in fashion. 

It is a thermally insulated water bottle that maintains your drink’s temperature however you want it to be. They are available in different sizes, with a large variety of colors and patterns. Get whichever one you like and make your gift useful for anyone on your Secret Santa list. 

Source: Flaske

15) Smartphone Projector

Everyone loves watching movies, no? Transform your smartphone into a big screen with a smartphone projector. Simply slide your phone into the compartment and get an instant cinema-like feel. 

You can make this Secret Santa gift even better by including a box of popcorn to complete the watching experience. 

16) Roku Streaming Stick

Know nothing about your recipient? Gift them a streaming stick that is perfect for nearly any coworker. 

The Roku streaming stick works with any TV that has an HDMI port. It offers over 1200 apps, including HBO Go, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and many more. 

Source: Bustle

17) Color Block Knitted Scarf

Provide an extra layer of style and comfort to your coworker with this color-block knitted scarf. It is made from ribbed knits that retain heat for cozy comfort on cold days. This Secret Santa gift is great for the winter season and lets the recipient style perfectly in their holidays. 

 18) Santa Banta Game

There is nothing better to gift on Secret Santa other than the Santa Banta game. It contains all sorts of ridiculous rhymes, and your job is to describe as many of them whilst your team tries to guess them. It is drenched in the Christmas spirit and fits nicely in a stocking. 

Source: John Lewis

19) Personalized Photo Cube

This little personalized photo cube is a perfect gift for any occasion. It is made with oak wood and allows you to keep 5 pictures, one on each side plus the lid. Each side of the cube has a segment that allows for easy access to fitting the photos in. The recommended photo size of the cube is 3” x 3”. The photo cube can also be personalized with a message below and above the lid’s photo. 

Source: John Lewis

20) Beaded Plant Hanger basket

If anywhere in your recipient’s house looks something like a greenhouse, they are a plant parent. And thus, they will love this beaded plant hanger basket for sure. They are well-structured hand-made baskets, so you do not have to worry about the plants tilting over.  Plus, they are good for both indoors and outdoors. Gift your fellow and let them decide how and where they want to use it. 

21) Waterproof Wireless Speaker

Wireless speakers are perfect to gift to anyone in your office. Whether they use it to bring tunes to the beach, listen to podcasts while they cook, or create a surround sound movie experience, this little speaker packs a big punch. 

22) Instant Camera

Everyone loves technology. But there is not much that can match the fun of an Instant camera. Help your coworker up their photo game by gifting them one. It is available in so many different colors and prints out photos in just 90 seconds. This Secret Santa gift is great for anyone too much into photos and likes to gather memories. 

Source: Bustle

Now that you have a lot of Secret Santa gift ideas, think of how to organize your Secret Santa party. You must already have so many Secret Santa party ideas, but there is something more that can bring up excitement. The invitations you will send will bring joy and make people excited about the event. Since you are probably not a graphic designer, your best bet for designing creative Secret Santa invitations is by using PosterMyWall. Below are a few templates you can use from this online design tool to design your invitations. 

Even if you don’t like any of these, there is a large variety of Secret Santa templates available that you can choose from. You can also try festive fonts in your Secret Santa invitations to give them a more Christmas feel. 

Try anything from the Secret Santa gift ideas mentioned above, or you can check out some more Christmas gift ideas here. Regardless of what you get and what you give on the Secret Santa, it is time to have as much fun with your colleagues as you do with your family on 25th December. From all of us, have a safe and merry Christmas, and a happy New Year.