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How to stir up hype for your upcoming Cyber Monday sale

Looking to promote your Cyber Monday sale? Here are some great Cyber Monday marketing tips you can use to build up urgency in your customers.

How to stir up hype for your upcoming Cyber Monday sale

Social media is key to a good digital marketing strategy, especially for urgent Cyber Monday promotions which need to be out and received urgently by your audience. But if you want a targeted approach, you can’t just spread yourself too thin and start advertising on every social media platform out there. 


Start by picking platforms you have more engagement and a better following on. Let’s say that’s Instagram. Focus your energy on further engaging these followers and converting them into real customers on Cyber Monday. You can do this by scheduling a month’s worth of exciting, engaging Cyber Monday Instagram posts and stories that you can publish with more frequency as the sale gets closer. Pick out the perfect Cyber Monday social media post templates from PosterMyWall to reduce the time needed to create and curate the right post. You can customize these templates in seconds by changing up a few key details, and schedule the post directly from PosterMyWall. Once you’re done with that, make sure you’re posting regularly enough for your customers to keep seeing your posts. The key is to be consistent with your posts, and to post throughout the month so that you can ensure that your followers see what you’re offering, and know to log in to your site in time for those Cyber Monday deals. 




Use keywords and hashtags to your advantage 


One of the most important parts of digital marketing is setting up a sound SEO strategy. Why is this important? Having a strong SEO strategy determines how visible your online store will be on search engines like Google. But if you’re relatively new to this, keywords and hashtags are a great way to start. 


Begin by conducting some keyword research, identifying terms and phrases that align with the Cyber Monday shopping frenzy. Then use those keywords everywhere you can. Optimize product listings with compelling and descriptive content that not only appeases search algorithms but also resonates with your audience, and – of course, contains lots of keywords. 

Stay on your customers’ radar with Google ads

If you want to stay on your customers’ radar before your annual Cyber Monday sale, Google ads are a great way to go. Remember that everyone is probably using Google for some query or other. Google ads allow you to put up big, colorful signs in the busiest online places. And they’re super simple to create and post. 


You can craft simple and eye-catching online ads that shout about your fantastic discounts for Cyber Monday. Use Google’s tricks to add extra info, like how much customers can save or where they can find the best deals.


You can also try different kinds of ads over the course of the month. Some of them can be more informative, others can serve as friendly reminders to your customers by letting them know youe Cyber Monday sale is on, and they don’t want to miss it. 


If someone visited your website but didn’t buy anything, Google Ads can help you remind them. Show them ads that highlight the awesome Cyber Monday stuff they checked out before, so that they’re enticed to make the purchase. 


Google ads are a good way to build up hype leading up to your sale, especially since your actual sale is a day long and you can’t advertise much on just that day.