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8 steps to nail your small business promotions for Christmas

Christmas is coming up and businesses are planning all kinds of promotions to meet their annual and seasonal goals. Read on to learn about strategies and ideas to get the most out of your Christmas promotion campaign.

Christmas is a time of festivity and chaos, and businesses are planning all kinds of promotions to meet their annual and seasonal goals. In this article, we’ve prepared a list of strategies and ideas to get the most out of your Christmas promotion campaign. Here’s what you need to know:

Start early

Christmas promotions require a great deal of preparation, and even greater hype. Familiarizing your brand with your audience takes time. By November, you should start sharing regular content and educate your audience about the products you offer.

Create value via marketing

Focus on value over selling, and if customers find genuine use out of your products, you don’t need to go out of your way to provide huge discounts in the hope that they buy.

A customer who finds genuine satisfaction from your products will recommend it to friends and family on their own, and will be an unofficial ambassador of your brand. Your marketing needs to equip them with the information they need to make a purchase.

Inventory and budget

Keep an eye on both your budget for marketing and your outlet inventory. You don’t want to over commit to either. Keeping a realistic view will save you from spending heavily on grandiose marketing strategies that are difficult to sustain.

And you want to have enough of an inventory to match your marketing effort. There’s no point spending too greatly on marketing when you’re likely to run out of stock from an influx of new customers.

Product research

To be on the same page as your audience, you need to learn more about them. Start by finding out which of your products interest customers the most, and give them center space in your promotions.

Look at sales numbers, ask customers and what customers of your competitors are interested in to get a full picture. If you’re offering something new, Christmas is also a great time to spread the word, as many customers will be browsing online.

Once you’ve got a list of the products you want to promote, you can work on the next steps.

Create landing pages

Your products are lined up and ready, but your audience needs to find them before they can be sold. Landing pages are great for creating organic traffic for your products, while helping them learn more about it, and to form a decision.

Taken from  TemplateMonster
Taken from TemplateMonster

For running limited time offers, sales and giveaways, simply running landing pages is not enough, as Google takes time to list your pages in the search results, and your landing page may initially not be on the first page, in that case, organic traffic will be negligible.

You want to use social media and email to promote those landing pages.

And speaking of landing pages, here’s the magic of a great landing page, set in motion with the PosterMyWall Christmas Calendar 2019. Open to find a complete set of marketing tips, ideas for festive designs, and big surprises.

Stay active on social media

Not updating your social media during these few months does your brand no good. Customers are highly likely to reach out to brands on social media during some stage of their journey, which also includes reaching out for feedback and complaints (especially on Twitter). If your social media hasn’t been updated in a while, potential customers may turn away.

Creating content isn’t easy, here’s what you can do.

Create a feeling of festivity

Using bright, vibrant and snowy graphics, create your Christmas themed social media posts. If you’re using PosterMyWall, creating content is super easy, as you can simply edit professionally designed social media content with your own details, download for free and upload on your social media.

There is a score of things you can create and share with your audience:

  1. Create an announcement about an upcoming sale. Create hype by designing multiple posts and share at regular intervals.
  2. If you’re decorating your store or venue, share photos of the work in progress.
  3. Update your logo with some Christmas iconography. Update your social media banners with a festive Christmas banner.
Hats can make everything better!
Hats can make everything better!

Create a goodwill gesture

When it’s almost time for Christmas to hit, and everyone’s done their gift shopping, few will be interested in shopping, and would rather spend time with family.

You can reciprocate the feeling by making and sending a Christmas greeting card over to your best customers. It’s a friendly gesture perfect for the occasion that can put a smile on many faces.

You can quickly whip up a nice looking gift card with professional Christmas gift card templates, or try out our favorite templates below.

Over to you

We’ve highlighted the steps to get your small business marketing in order for Christmas. Now it’s your turn to try and create a small business poster.