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How to elevate engagement with dynamic digital content

Watch our FREE class replay as Zied Ladhari of Raydiant explains how dynamic slideshows can elevate your digital signage. He shares examples from retail to workplace to hospitality to education and shows you how to transform the way you engage with your customers.

PosterMyWall live class: How to elevate engagement with dynamic digital content

Today, many businesses are turning to digital display content to engage their customers. Through digital signage, it’s possible to display menus, advertise new deals, promote events, and so much more. However, here’s the challenge — how do you create content for your screens quickly and cost effectively

In this week’s live class, Zied Ladhari, manager of sales and strategic partnerships at Raydiant, shared how digital display content, created with PosterMyWall’s NEW animated slideshow tool, is transforming the way businesses communicate with their customers. Zied also shared examples ranging from retail to hospitality–and links to a plethora of PosterMyWall animated slideshow templates that anyone can use to effortlessly create their own dynamic content.

Watch the video replay above–or keep reading for the session highlights.

How it works 

“Dynamic slideshows, with the right text, visuals, and music, can help you communicate what you have to offer to your clients in an easy and effective way,” Zied said. “There’s a shift in the mindset of businesses. They have realized that consumers don’t really want to touch anything anymore. Digital signage offers a hands-free experience that’s more preferable than flyers, posters, or coupons.” You can even add QR codes to your content, so that you can transfer the ad experience from the TV screen to your customer’s phone in an extremely seamless way. 

The best part is that you can create the content you need in seconds through the integration of PosterMyWall and the Raydiant display system

All you have to do is log onto PosterMyWall — either directly or through the Raydiant dashboard to view thousands of template options. After you select a template, you can customize the images, videos, text, and fonts. When you’re through, just publish as a video file and upload to your screens–or publish directly to the Raydiant Display system. 

Then schedule your content, and you’re ready to go.

Zied stressed that a key benefit of Raydiant is that the system is cloud based. This means you can create and add — or change — your content from anywhere at any time. It doesn’t matter if you have a single location or locations all across the country. So long as you have a device that is connected to the internet, you can manage it all from wherever you happen to be. 

Even better, by using PosterMyWall’s one-click resize tool, you can resize your designs for Instagram, email, your website, or anywhere else. You can even run an entire marketing campaign by using PosterMyWall’s publishing options to email your content to your clients or share it on social media

If you’d like to learn how to add an animated slideshow to any design, watch the replay of our live class

11 Examples of great digital signage content

What kind of dynamic digital content can you create on PosterMyWall? Zied shared the following templates and examples. 

1. Highlight your bakery’s selections

PosterMyWall’s animated slideshow tool empowers you to show a series of photos or videos within the same frame. For instance, you might start with a croissant, then show a sandwich, then a cookie — before concluding with a cake. This shows customers the full range of options available to them, as well as any deals or promotions they might be able to take advantage of. 

Best of all, because you can update the slides remotely through your tablet or laptop, you’re able to make quick changes based on your current inventory. “If you’ve run out of coffee cake, or if you decide not to feature your chocolate cookies on a particular day, you can let your customers know through your digital signage content,” Zied said. 

2. Share your restaurant menu 

This is perfect for a quick service or table service restaurant that wants a touchless menu display. Add music to the background of your slideshow to get your customers pumped. This particular template pairs exciting music with flashing pictures of burgers, fries, and drinks. 

3. Showcase your specials and your menu 

“On a regular menu, you barely have space for pictures of your food. With digital signage, you can not only show pictures, but you can also show short clips of your food that make it look even more appetizing,” Zied said. It’s also extremely easy to update a digital menu, eliminating the need to run to the print shop every time you add a dish or update your pricing. This convenience allows you to do more with your marketing — and do it in half the time.

You can also quickly transform your menu design to reflect the season. For instance, you could highlight your winter items simply by adding video clips of them to your design. Update the colors, fonts, and textures to look more wintery — and you’re done. 

4. Generate excitement for game days

This template is ideal for promoting sports events. Add highlights from previous games to your slideshow to get people excited. You can embellish the template with stock audio, your favorite rendition of the team anthem, or your own narration. 

Include the entire game schedule, or just highlight the games you’ll be showing this weekend. 

“The great thing is that you don’t have to have a lot of marketing knowledge or be tech savvy to make great digital signage like this,” Zied said. Through Raydient and PosterMyWall, you can create, share, and publish your content in minutes. 

5. Promote your specialty drink menu

Some customers are a little apprehensive when they order a drink because they don’t really know what the drink will look like or what it will contain. Eliminate this obstacle to selling your high-margin drinks by displaying photos or videos of your drink options along with their names and descriptions. Customers will appreciate that you’ve made it easier for them to decide.  

6. Add pizzazz to your price list 

This template is great for promoting any kind of small business service, whether it’s car repair, lawn mowing, or salon services because it allows you to display all of your services and prices in a neat and organized way. 

This is especially helpful for customers who only have a vague understanding of your services and pricing. “A benefit of adding digital signage to your waiting room is that people will learn more about what you have to offer as they wait,” Zied said. In fact, they might even be inclined to get some extra work done! Digital signage also reduces the hassle of having to repeatedly explain your pricing and service options. 

7. Place your hottest new items in the spotlight

Digital signage at your clothing store will allow you to market your products like never before. “You can simply run a slideshow of your hottest new items, tag them with the prices, and let people know where in the store they can find them,” Zied said. Customers will thank you for saving them time and making it easier for them to find the perfect outfit. 

8. Showcase your concert schedule and artists 

With digital signage, you can promote your concert schedule and, at the same time, give people a sneak peek at each of the bands you have booked. Once you’ve customized a template, it’s fast and easy to conduct weekly updates where you delete events that have happened and add new ones to the schedule.  

9. Improve your seasonal marketing

“If you own a store or a restaurant, you’ll know that this time of year is pretty significant when it comes to seasonal promotion. Thanksgiving is coming up soon, and so is Christmas and New Year’s Eve. As a business owner, you should be on top of all your seasonal marketing so that you’re able to reach new customers during this time,” Zied said. 

The integration of PosterMyWall and Raydiant — plus PosterMyWall’s thousands of holiday-themed templates — makes it fast and easy to add holiday ambiance to your store.

10. Expedite coffee shop ordering

Digital signage for a coffee shop might show food and hot drink options, along with deals for special days of the week. The images could even be set to jazzy background music. Your customers won’t have to ask you what the specials are, what kind of coffee drinks you make, or if you have a seasonal promotion in progress. This will not only save your baristas time, it will also help your customers navigate your menu. 

11. Showcase your hospitality amenities 

Encourage your hotel guests to take advantage of the pool or order from room service with a custom branded animated slideshow. The higher the quality of your photos and videos, the more customers you’ll motivate to action. 

Can’t wait to get started?  Download our bonus content to customize these templates and more.