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Artist Corner: Hanaedy Design

In this artist corner, we talk to Junaedy Ponda, also known as Hanaedy Design. A self-taught graphic designer, we talk to him about his design mantra, planning out design projects and more.

A master of Church and seasonal advertisements, we talk to Junaedy Ponda, also known as Hanaedy on PosterMyWall about design inspiration, day to day life, design preferences and more. 

Hailing from Indonesia, Junaedy is a freelance graphic designer. Read on to learn more!

Tell us more about your day to day work

I work from home as an independent graphic designer, a full time father and husband, so I feel blessed when I say everyday is different. On some days I design, and on others, I spend time together with my family. 

When it comes to design, I’m pretty much self-taught. While working in the IT department of a local bank, I decided to pursue my passion as a designer. I’m so happy I could make the transition from IT to a full designer.

With graphic designing, I aim to help people visualize and communicate their needs, by creating templates for special occasions, such as a Bible study meeting or any sports tournament. I’ve been creating and selling designs since 2013, and joining PosterMyWall has helped me take my work a step further in the right direction. 

How did you begin designing at PosterMyWall? 

I found PosterMyWall when I was searching for Church flyers online. I learned about their program for designers, and soon after created and submitted my first template. I’m definitely blessed because my first template got a sale on the day it was published! 

I knew this was a great opportunity for me, so I started creating and publishing more high quality templates. I enjoy working in the PosterMyWall editor because the site is user friendly and makes designing simple. 

Any designing and marketing tips for designers starting out? 

As a designer, I aim to create products that are not only beautiful but also user-friendly and time-savers. Designs should always be unique without compromising on usefulness. For that, you need to provide users with something that they want. 

That is my design mantra and with time, I’m learning more as the industry is constantly changing, with new styles emerging and others going out of fashion. I believe a designer needs to grow with the trends, which only helps improve the quality of his or her work.

And even if it seems difficult at times, there’s only one way to do it – with hard work. You also need to work proactively. While keeping up with the latest trends, designers should also be aware of upcoming seasonal themes, or topics that haven’t been touched upon by other designers but still have a demand present. The Insights tab in your PosterMyWall profile page can help you with the latter. 

Tell us a little more about you! 

I’ve been drawing since forever. I began at an early age and it became my main hobby. As a kid, I used to spend a lot of time drawing, sometimes even in the classroom! Apart from drawing, I like going to movies, reading books and learning all kinds of new things on the internet. 

Junaedy is a talented graphic designer who designs regularly on PosterMyWall. To see his design portfolio on PosterMyWall, check out his designer profile.  

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